Saw a van when driving into Vienna, Austria where the back said "There's probably no God so stop worrying and enjoy life!" All of it was in English (I probably wouldn't have made it out if it was in German). The message is getting out, it made my day.

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Yeah, it is. (me = Not really British)
Religious nutters would probably bomb it if it drove by over here. (sigh) I may need to emigrate.
That stems from the Bus Campaign that originated in the UK.

Sadly, Austrian public transport organisations in the major towns have yet again declined to carry the ads, giving either no reason at all or very shady replies.
The Austrian offspring of the bus campaign only has a website in german.

This was the intended poster for this year:

"Religious Freedom for children
Let us decide ourselves"

While I like the idea of awareness raising, I'm not too fond of this message - it's not so pressing an issue in Austria - the age of maturity for choosing your religion is 14, i.e. you can opt out of religious class at that age without parental consent, iirc. For me it was mainstream Protestantism, i.e. nothing to worry about, and we even heard at least basic tidbits of Buddhism & Islam, and lots of movie watching. Together with 8 years of History curriculum & rudimentary Psychology/Philosophy at 17/18 my "religious" education was pretty well rounded.
(Nowadays, I'm just pissed off that I was such a slacker in school - I only perfected to get through school with minimal effort.)

Personally, I'd rather see more rooting for the laizism initiative...


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