I'm not qualified to pass judgment on matters of Christian ethics, but perhaps someone out there can deliver a verified biblical point of view on a thought that occurred to me while I was reading something (I don't remember, or care, what the source was) about anti-abotion and its "holy" mission to save the unborn.

Wouldn't it be even more compassionate to allow women carrying unwelcome children to deliver them into the care of devote believers who would foster them kindly, rebuke them fiercely, and transform them into devout believers? All you have to do is undertake thereat mission of adopting every unwanted child. It might be a burden at first, until this sacred movement gets under way, but other true believers would have see the light of your conviction and take part in the mission. You could start a blessed earthly salvation.

Just saying

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I'm  not sure what you're asking, but if you mean:

* compassion for the unborn, no. The unborn  is completely unaware of the real world it would miss.

* compassion for mothers or pro-lifers, there are channels for adoption that already exist.

I was adopted because my mother was and still is extremely pro-life.....She put me up for adoption to what she thought would be a good home. I'm not against abortion and I believe it should always be an option....but I'm really glad I wasn't aborted!!

Amen sister

Abortion is an obsession with many fundamentalist and evangelical Christians.  But your request for a verified biblical view is interesting.  On the subject of abortion, anti-abortion Christians have to massage an obscure verse to get any biblical guidance at all.  There are specific, and harsh, penalties for all sorts of things, especially sexual and Sabbath related.  But not abortion.  In addition, there is death meted out to non-Hebrews including the unborn. 

As for those already born, you are right that adopting them is the most important thing to do.  I don't know the statistics, as far as how many children are left in the foster system without adoption.  There are certainly a lot of adoptions happening, including trans-national.

Years ago I was inspired to become a foster parent. But my husband at the time was a total grump about it with a very negative attitude. Now I'm going it alone. I always wanted to foster teens because they are the ones no one wants. And since I have a son over the age of 6 he can't share his room with a girl. So I can take boys. Teenage boys. That's the plan!!

There's one little boy who they can't find a placement for. My social worker said if I was licensed today he would be mine. 14 year old Hispanic boy. He would fit right in with us.

If he becomes legally free I will adopt him.

I’d pray for this to happening I thought it would help. Actually I did pray once, and I got exactly what I prayed for. Immediately. It’s kind of a cool story. So here goes.

I was brought up a devout WASP, and as such I was installed with deep and painful shame. One day my wife (a devout Jew) and I were going to a kosher wedding and she critiqued something i had recently said/done. Of course I was overwhelmed with shame.
We arrived at the shul and found the wedding party had revived an old custom where guests write prayers that are gathered in a basket and placed beneath the chuppah so that G_d will bless them along with the wedding couple. I guess His aim isn’t all that great.
So I wrote “Uproot my shame”, folded the note and dropped it in the basket. And it is gone, ever since.
I was telling this story and my wife rebuked me, saying “You’re supposed to pray for the community.” I replied “It seems ha-shem doesn’t share your opinion.”


I’ve never prayed since; don’t want to push my luck. But for you I’ll make an exception. Privately.

If Christians no longer required abortions, as, almost all abortions in the united states at least, involve Christian mothers wanting to have an abortion...

...that would also work.

Plan B, as you suggest, might be for all the people wanting to adopt a baby NOW, to drop their race and age requirements, the ones that MAKE them wait....and ALL the kids get adopted, just like that.

Strangely, there are more waiting to BE adopted than to adopt, yet the waiting list to adopt a baby is so long, that people go to over seas babies to adopt them from there.

So, no, some Christians get abortions, and some adopt babies...but, in the US at least, the MAJORITY want a very young white baby, not a toddler, and/or they will get Asian or European, etc, infants.

If, as you suggest, the Catholics, the most vocal and dogmatic about abortion, WERE to simply say they'll take EVERY BABY, no questions asked...and adopt them...

..it WOULD solve the unadopted kid issue, as well as replenish the dwindling ranks of Catholics.

On the moral side, its questionable, as, really, other than a Catholic, would YOU WANT YOUR KID RAISED CATHOLIC?

It MIGHT be better than ending up in a bucket in a surgical suite...but, the wee tikes are too young to ask about it.

Personally, IF they would DO it, it WOULD be better, overall, I think...but, it would be a giant commitment...raising a kid, sending it to collage, getting emotionally involved, and so forth.

The people who DO that ARE special.


I'm just hoping this might leak out to some "true" believers and give them pause to reflect on their choices.

That is a good thought.

Any human being is qualified to pass judgement on any ethical moral system, whether you have fully investigated every facet of their world view or have only a basic understanding. We shouldn't walk around on eggshells over highly immoral customs just because those may be exotic or wrapped up in a religion that the believers claim are simply too deeply held and sacred to openly criticize or call bullshit.

Christians in the United States are pro-birth. They aren't pro-life. They refuse to have taxes raised to make sure young children are fully fed and healthy nor to meaningfully help the homeless rotting in the streets or family about to lose their homes. You may argue that these organizations do care about the baby and that the baby if born to a mother who cannot support it...could give it up for adoption. Where's the money that the mother needs in lieu of not working and the extra costs that come along with it, who will council the woman after the horror of having your baby taken from you into another family's arms? Paid by some...not by others. In fact, what is most important as that the baby leaves the uteris regardless of how it will effect the mother or the problems the baby will have or the horrid life they might live with unwanting parents.

I find the fact that they have a "pro-birth" stance rather than a meaningful "pro-life" stance as they claim to have, grotesquely immoral and their protests and finger pointing as horridly pugnacious. Any points they may get for some moral standing evapourates when they start pushing for baby passing through vaginas as more important than stopping unecesarily shortened lives, children living in misery in broken homes that need not have been and the needless production of trauma and misery for all.

I actually totally agree with Davis here. It's a mentality of "be fruitful and multiply.".....yeah sure let's ignore the fact that we are SERIOUSLY OVERPOPULATED....and WAY over the Earth's carrying capacity. So much for being good stewards of the earth. That doctrine we can ignore. No one cares about the depletion of resources when you live in a land flowing with McDonalds and Starbucks...err I mean milk and honey lol



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