I will take the job! I have a direct line to GOD! I will get the straight WORD from HIM. HE has already given me some new directives. He's going to rat out the whole bunch of them with my help. HE says that religion needs to go back to where JESUS said it should be, "In the closet...". HE said we can rent out the Vatican as a Fantasy Land amusement park.

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I would take the job, what with a popsimobile, fully paid for holiday and being the president of a small country. As to matters religion, well, we will have the biggest bar in the Lateran church and have a carnival in St. Peter's square as a start. Other ideas will crop up as i work.

YES! There will always be new truths.

Art museum.  And Library.  Scholars could spend a hundred years down in that library and have a field day, I am sure.

Since it IS a sovereign country and an absolute monarchy, I imagine creative punishments for pedophile priests and those who participated in the coverup could be legislated and carried out.

Oh man, I can only imagine the history that is locked and hidden away in the library!
You should see the all the wardrobe.

I heard they were letting Sandusky out of prison to fill the position.

Sounds like a good idea.

I want first dibs on their basement! See if they have anything left from the old library of Alexandra.

I can only imagine the history that is sequestered away in their basement.
Doesn't anyone see what is happening? Not necessarily The Catholic sect, but all the countless sects there are just in the "Christian" religion alone. There is a lot wrong with religion, there is some right with it too, I guess. There have been a lot of different religions, clergy, membership that have failed. I see membership changing (failing) now. I have heard some evangelical radio preachers preaching don't listen to your own intellect, it will get you in trouble, remember God is in charge, he is not your co-pilot! I could say more...

Yes, faith trumps facts. Reason is the enemy, listen to the church, keep the faith, don't be tempted by satan and start thinking for yourself.


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