Unseen and I have chatted with one another about having a poll-feature on thinkatheist (Unseen's idea actually). I think it's a really great idea. I'd love to know, on a basic straw poll, who believes that free-will is impossible or an illusion, who believes that it is mainstream Islam in the Middle East is "extremist" and who thinks Christmas shouldn't be a public holiday in America.

I don't know much myself about implementing features on a site but I'm sure some of you and Umar do. It would be great to have polling on some questions...the only thing I think though...is we would have to be careful not to let it become polling for silly or petty things...and take polling so seriously that each other's opinions are just as important as sharing reasoned arguments. Perhaps even make one poll each week a standard feature.

What do you all think?

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I haven't checked, but Survey Monkey or some similar site might allow for the setting up of a TA section for TA members only.

You'll have to ask a moderator. I don't know. If it's on site...then I think a once a week or even once a month poll, perhaps on a less than serious question might be fun. Off site...why not?


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