An unfortunate claim by a Christian apologist and theologian John Lennox is that "atheism and communism is inseparable" 

Let me be very clear here, I do not share his views on this matter. Personally I find this to be an argument based on sheer ignorance. However I would like to get an honest consensus on this issue, I've posted a similar poll over on Yahoo Answers some time ago. 

Please tell me if you support communism or not and what your views on this political movement are. I suspect most of you will probably consider yourselves as secular and not communist (as most atheists in the Westernised world tend to be)

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Lennox's argument is really a straw man argument.  It is an attempt to tar us with the same brush--make us guilty by association.  Anyone who would say such a thing is nothing but a religious bigot who is trying to justify and spread his bigotry.

One can be an atheist and a communist.  One can also be an atheist and a rabid anti-communist, as I am.  I consider communism to be a type of religion because it is an irrational belief system that caters to the emotional needs of its adherents--as is the case with most ideologies and other belief systems.

Atheism is simply the correct logical conclusion given the evidence we have to date regarding gods and other supernatural claims.  It is not a belief system and is not necessarily tied to any belief systems.

Communism, in theory, is a social structure that evenly distributes the wealth of a group of people. In reality, it has been a totalitarian form of government (China, the USSR, North Korea, etc.) and religion interferes with totalitarian government especially in North Korea where their leader is said to have godlike powers. So, in theory, communism does not require atheism for it to work. I think that Christians living together and sharing what they have is more in line with communism than with capitalism. In capitalism, everyone is out for themselves. Everyone being out for themselves seems to be what most Christians think of atheists. Yet, the world’s largest (in terms of dollars given) philanthropists are atheists.

If one looks at the Catholic Church, there are many similarities to real world communism: a totalitarian ruling class taking from all and giving to the poor. Yes, they do take a nice cut and live a lavish lifestyle, but some of the money goes to the needy.


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