I thought I would kick-start a discussion about the two things you are never supposed to talk about with strangers: Politics and Religion! I don't want to start a debate about what political ideology is right or wrong; instead, I'm interested in knowing where the people on Think Atheist fall on a spectrum. Being a Dungeons and Dragons fan, I have always loved the 9-point-alignment scheme as a way to visualize a character's morals and ideology. I think I have found the next best thing...

The Political Compass is a tool that asks you a series of questions regarding your stances on a verity of political topics. Questions cover international trade and economics, public education, and government policy. At the conclusion of the test, it then tallies up your score and displays it on an X-Y graph. Here is mine:

The X-axis of the graph charts your stance on economics. The negative side representing a more left leaning economic mindset (the extreme of which, I think, would be Socialism), and the positive side representing a more free-market ideology (the extreme of which would be pure Capitalism, exempt of any non-market influences).

The Y-axis measures your stance on society, a persons place within it, and the amount of influence a government should have in its citizen's day-to-day affairs. The top half trends towards Authoritarianism (the ultimate extreme of which would the Totalitarianism) whilst the bottom half shows preference towards Libertarianism (the extreme of which would be Anarchy, the complete removal of government).

The test is far from perfect, as it cannot account for all ideologies and viewpoints. Additionally, since the final score is a numerical tally, and each question seems to be weighted equally, a person that endorses extremes on all ideologies could come across as centrist. Regardless, I find the test to be fun, and informative. It's interesting to see a visual representation of your political viewpoint, and to compare it to someone else. 

If you're feeling bored, take the test, and post your results! Do you disagree with your score? Do you think this would be an accurate way to gauge where someone stands? 

Oh, and if anyone is curious about the D&D part, I tend to favor lawful-evil :3

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Here's my graph. Looks like I'm a little bit more left, though some of the questions are a bit hard to answer definitively: http://www.politicalcompass.org/printablegraph?ec=-6.12&soc=-3.74

Yup, it did. Was it what you thought it'd be?

I had done one awhile back, not sure if it was the same site, and there I was more moderate. I think it is a pretty good representation of my leanings, though perhaps if we talked about specifics I may be a little more one way than another. Sometimes the answer should be "Yes, but in certain cases..." LOL

My results - http://www.politicalcompass.org/printablegraph?ec=8.75&soc=-4.26 I mostly agree with the results.

Prior to taking the test, that's the quadrant where I would have placed myself.

I've noticed a trend where people tend to be slightly left of where they think they'll be. I'm curious if that means people are more left leaning then they think they are, or if the test is kinda skewed that way.

My hypothesis is that most people here will trend the lower half pretty strongly, and that a majority of those will lean left.

I think atheists, in general, have strong convictions about social issues that are starkly different from what we're seeing from Republicans these days. We aren't bogged down with the "homosexuality is a sin" "sex before marriage is a sin" or "everyone who can't afford healthcare is lazy" bible babble. I think most of us, though I don't know for sure, realize there are a number of factors in why people are having a hard time or have difficulty in their day to day lives, such as mental/physical disabilities, low IQ, location, etc. I'd like to think that for the most part we see that people deserve dignity, no matter their situation, and a helping hand if they truly need it. Republicans are all about taking our dignity away and putting everyone under the same umbrella and ignoring the reality of what many people are going through. Yes, there are those who take advantage of the help they get, but that's not everyone. People like me don't make a ton of money but have worked our asses off all our lives and yet don't "deserve" preventive healthcare or any kind of break that might help us live a more quality life. So, social issues are extremely important to me, and I feel there are ways to improve on the programs we currently have to make more people accountable and to help those who truly need it. So, yea, the chart is pretty accurate. =0)

Aye, I would consider the upper right quadrant to be where modern republicanism trends, with conservative libertarians being below that.

One of the interesting things about atheism is that it doesn't tie itself to any one specific ideology. It's entirely possible to get a totalitarian atheist (like Stalin) or atheists that insist on strong restraint on government influence (Like Penn Jillette).

@Mr Wood, given your score, I take it you favor a very strong free market. Would you consider yourself a proponent of Randian Objectivism?

Yes, very much so.

I'm pretty much where I expected to end up.

Sweet! So far, seeing what I expected, too.

Here is my graph: http://www.politicalcompass.org/printablegraph?ec=0.00&soc=-5.95


It’s pretty much where I figured I would be. 

One of the things I like about the compass, is that it makes it hard to slap a name on someone unless the tend towards an extreme end of the graph. I think it makes political terms more organic.

Also, I think in real life I'm more chaotic neutral too, but lawful evil is so much more fun to play!


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