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I recently have read and learned about the Paleo Diet. I started the diet about a week and a half ago. I read the book The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. Robb in a fun but informative common sense way explains the science behind the Diet and how the high carb/low fat diet is killing humans. I will assume all or at least most Athiests believe in evolution so does it not make since we did not evolve eating grains or dairy? We have only added grains, dairy and legumes into our diet in the past say 5000 yrs. Our ancestors were hunter gatherers eating lean protein, seasonal fruits and nuts, and vegetables. 

So my question is how many of you know about this diet? How many of you are one it? 

I would be interested in exchanging recipes and ideas with anyone that is also living the paleo life style.

OH and if you are on the diet is the rest of your family or significant other doing it too. My wife is completely resisting the whole thing but my son is trying it for 30 days. 

Have a great week


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I read the article Nelson above posted. I can not ignore the research of the effect grains have on our digestion and our health. There is an effect of overloading our bodies with insulin that causes a chain reaction throughout our systems and causes damage. I would have to look closer into dairy to see what the research indicates. I will continue to read and discuss but I do not believe at this point a low fat diet is healthy. We need to have more fat and protein in our diet than carbs. 

David I will most likely customize this diet but for now I am losing weight and feel good so I will let my body dictate what i need. Thanks.

You should listen to your wife and not go down this road. just looking at your pic suggests you are overweight if not in the category of obese and putting more fat would not do you any good. sorry if i am being blunt, but it seems like you are just trying to feed your addiction of meat. i once read a book called skinny bitch, funny and informative, you should read that.

I spent about 4 months on a paleo diet and I don't regret one moment of it. I was heading towards being morbidly obese and now I'm still overweight but a lot fitter and healthier than I've been for years and a paleo diet helped me on the way. The paleo diet taught me a lot about food, it got me cooking and really thinking about what I was eating and although my diet is no longer paleo, it is radically different to what I was eating before. It really helped me get going with weight loss but I was never fully convinced by the arguments of it and in the end decided that I could introduce some non-paleo things into my diet and still be eating healthily, and that's where I am today.

Thanks Matt for the reply. I have been on the diet now for 3 months and lost 23 lbs and 6% body fat. I feel great and continue to lose weight and get in shape. I do not think the theory is fool proof but I do think it is a better dietary theory than vegan or vegetarian which is proven to be unhealthy over time. As long as I see results and continue to feel good I will stick with it. 

OK update. I have been on the Paleo Diet since May and have lost 40lbs. I am more energetic and feel great. I don't miss the processed anything or breads. I have added some starches in the form of Sweet potatoes for added energy when I am lifting heavy. I still believe this is what we should be doing. OH and my cholesterol is way down and in the normal ranges! I don't know my body fat % yet but I do know it is below 12%. 


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