Okay would you kill your EX best friend for 200 million? and Why? or why not? This may be a trick question. Use your atheist brains and battle it out. I say I would kill my friend (albeit slowly) but I am still a awesome person because I would use the money to help science and humanity as a whole with the money!

Now ask yourself this why would you be more willing to kill your ex best friend then your best friend?

200 million!

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Ugh.  Hell.  This is an awful question.  The idea of doing it outright is repulsive--justifying it requires that you measure the value of a life.  Is one life worth the benefit of $200 million to X other lives...???  How do you do that 'math?'  I could write an inequality formula for that but I would never be able to solve it.       


I suppose I would explain the situation to the old friend (not sure which ex-friend) and let them choose if I should kill them or not and also what would be done with the money...but I would only participate if they weren't coerced, under duress, were of sound mind, and made a charitable donation with most of the money (aside from money for their family).  I would hope they'd tell me and our wealthy benefactor to fuck off.


If, however, all these terms were agreed upon, I'm not even sure if I could do it...it's blood money...the means aren't always justified by the ends.  And then, the idea of actually doing the killing is pretty horrific.  Ok, I've unconvinced myself, I couldn't do it.


This sounds like one of those twisted questions from a creationist that tries to prove atheists have no morals.

Either way, my answer is no.

Ok, I’ve got my account information ready. I’d like to spread this over a number of financial institutions. Will this be a “wire transfer”?

Also, I have a number of ex-best friends (amazing how fast people turn on you for sleeping with their wives/daughters/pets, or sh**ing their couch because you passed out ON THEIR BOOZE), so could I get the same offer for each one. Maybe a package deal, say 6 for a billion dollars (you’d be getting one free).


Have you thought of offering a bonus for style points, for novel, or inventive ways of offing the ex-friend? I have a number of ideas. One involves hamsters and duct-tape. I even have a half finished device in the basement, I call it “The Tube”. Maybe I could get a cash advance to finish it. If you’d like to see a photo of it let me know.


That’s all for now. If I think of anything else, I’ll be in touch.

There are three people in my world for whom I would kill, should someone harm them.


Anyone else, let the bastard live.  Sooner or later, he (or she - let's not restrict ourselves) will come across someone with lower morals than I, who probably has a greater knowledge of how to do the deed.


I tend to view the universe as a self-correcting entity.

So you believe in Karma...that reminds me of the *nasty* Christian who gleefully imagines their enemies burning for all eternity.


I tend to view the universe as random.  Horrible people will suffer, prosper, and come out even.

I'm amazed at the number of seemingly rational people who buy into karma and other assorted new age mumbo jumbo. Just like religion, they haven't really thought it through critically. So if someone brings up karma around me, I mention a disabled person and say the following: "so you are telling me this person did something bad in a previous life and now must pay through their disability? What a disgusting belief" I've converted a few to a-karma with that one.

Somewhat along the same lines as, "Why wont your god heal amputees".  Not to mention that 50 Billion dead children in the history of humanity says a thing or two about any system of karma or benevolent gods.

Yeah. Never understod an Atheist believing in karma. There has to be some sort of mechanism to insert karma into the equation. Unless it’s some sort of external intelligence, what could it be. It requires a guiding force. 


The notion of karma, is just people trying to inject reason and fairness into a random and uncaring  process. It may make them feel better, but it ain’t real.

I kind of agree with Karma but not in a mystical sense, I look at it more from a logical common sense stand point of cause and effect.   If person A kills Person B's Family, Person B may go seeking revenge and kill Person A or the court system might give them the death penalty.  One might say that Karma caught up with Person A but in reality Person A's actions put events into motion that eventually ended with his death.  But on the same token Person A might get away with it because of a well laid out plan, again cause and effect.  Karma to me when taken from a mystical view point is the same as religion.  I don’t believe there is some great force binding all actions together in a sense of balance, just the simplicity of cause and effect.




yes i will kill hem .becausa he will


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