The Women's Cycling Team of Columbia-- featuring cyclists Angie Rojas, Laura Lozano, Luz Adriana Tovar, Ana Cristina Sanabria, Argenis and Lina Orozco Dueñas-- recently redesigned their team uniforms.

The otherwise conventional spandex bodysuit features Caucasian-colored fabric across the lower torso, creating what critics say is the impression of a bare flesh cut-out revealing the hips, groin and backside. (In fact, the color used in the uniform is gold, which apparently causes problems when captured on some types of cameras.) This business with the uniforms has caused quite a stir:

UCI President Brian Cookson said the women's uniforms were "unacceptable by any standards of decency". Bogota Cycling League President Carlos Orlando Ferreira Pinzón condemned the women's uniforms as "disrespect and mockery."

Are they right? Before you respond, consider the men's cycling kit (shown below) which featured a similar "nude" design and heavily padded crotches. This apparently has gone unnoticed (at least until the fuss started over the women's team).

A hundred years ago, religious denounced women cyclists as immoral, immodest and imprudent:

"...the bicycle is the devil’s advocate agent morally and physically in thousands of instances; therefore be it Resolved, that the Woman’s Rescue League denounces bicycle riding by young women because of producing immoral suggestions and imprudent associations both in language and dress which have a tendency to make women not only unwomanly, but immodest as well."  - Women's Rescue League, 1896 

Even today, in some parts of the world like Afghanistan, woman cyclists are condemned for the same reasons. The rest of the world is more modern, except that it underpays female professional athletes; women earn a fraction of what men are paid for the same sports.

Women's sports are also largely ignored, that is, until someone gets the ridiculous idea that the women are (pretending to be) naked. Maybe an actual naked bicycle race-- for publicity and sponsorship-- would be a fine public relations stunt. It sure works for FEMEN.

Are these women being treated fairly? Are female athletes treated fairly? Why or why not?

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Yes...women get a bum rap in Sports. Women tend to be more followed in sports with small teams or singles events like beach volleyball, tennis, curling, figure skating etc. Why is that?

I actually like a good-looking female, and I also love to watch female volleyball. I don't find the beach volleyball girls all that interesting or all that sexy when compared to the natural sexiness of an 18-22 year old girl who's in peak physical condition like this volleyball team. I don't know about you, but I don't think any red-blooded male wouldn't look forward to hitting the showers with this bunch:

Would this be an issue if the cycling team was from Uganda? I doubt it.

Crotch fixation seems to be a malady suffered by many.

The dispute is silly. However, to say that women athletes are underpaid, where did that come from. You aren't comparing what women get paid for a position on a professional team to what men get paid, are you? Men's sports bring in a lot more money for one thing. Not only that, the REASON men's sports bring in a lot more money has to do with the fact that men support sports a lot more than women. If you go to a pro game and 45% of the audience is female, it's likely that something like 80% of those women are simply there because their man is there.

When a women's game can get a 40% TV share women athletes will bring in the big bucks, and not before then.

Your "marketing research" source claims "research shows" this and that but never actually cites the research.

As for my observations about why many women attend sports, I trust my observations even if you don't. Men's sports bring women into the fan base, but most of the women I know who go to games do enjoy the games but would probably not be there on their own. They go with their SO.

Coverage and advertising dollars follow interest. Most people (and I would think this includes females) are interested in seeing the best in any sport. The day when a female athlete is good enough to qualify for a men's NBA team and go head-to-head with a LeBron James, everyone will be interested. Female basketball players, no matter how good, are simply not as big and strong, not as powerful, and usually not as athletically skilled as their male counterparts. If people don't watch women's pro baskeball to nearly the degree they do men's, it's just not quite as interesting and impressive. When the best women's basketball team can give the best men's team a good game, the interest and money will follow.

I trust my observations even if you don't

We respect your individual experience but what is it exactly about your observations that are so special we should trust them on the level of a source that cites well carried out research?

Okay, so what research have you done into the research that confirms in your mind that it was well carried out?

When I checked into the first of GM's links, it was merely an article making unsubstantiated claims that research had shown this and that.

GM's citation of better gender parity in some Olympic events, such as volleyball (or beach volleyball), skiing, and swimming can probably go back to the fact that we all (well, most of us), like the look of the female body. And no, I'm not going to cite research to back up every observation I make. If someone wants to provide research to the contrary, I'll leave it to them to challenge me with research, which I in turn will challenge.

Then perhaps both of you have to look for a better source.

So, market research has risen to the level of "fact" now (you know, like water boils at 212F at sea level). And market researchers never reach contradictory results. I didn't know that.

I'll leave challenging the conjectures supported by whatever their evidence was to some other firm using different techniques.

How would you have me substantiate my "most of the women I know" statement. If I gave you names and phone numbers, would that be enough?

If you no longer find young women appealing that's your problem, because it's part of nature's plan for males to have an attraction to youth and beauty for reproductive reasons. I'm not going to apologize for it.

Did you just call me a Filthy Log Out Of His Ass Yanker? Shame on you!

Research is statistics, not facts. Research is research, and the fact that it is research doesn't make it true. All kinds of hogwash has been in the conclusions of research papers over the years. And my first criticism of research is whether or not it rings true.

So, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to footnote everything that comes out of my mouth just to please a guy who calls me a Filthy Log Out Of His Ass Yanker.

I'm not going to let myself get enmeshed in your web. Even you must know there is more there than I can practically respond to and have time to do anything else.

So, I'll just note that this is your oft-used tactic and move on to something I do have time for.

I'm not going to let myself get enmeshed in your web. Even you must know there is more there than I can practically respond to and have time to do anything else.

Ugh. Unseen that is such a cop out. Gag. Gag. Gag reflex!!!!

You'll just have to observe him a while longer, I guess, to see this tactic at work and realize that it is a tactic. My life doesn't revolve around TA. I answer what I feel like answering when I feel like answering. That way I turn it around by wasting HIS time (the time he put into his lengthy rebuttal).


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