As a one-time dabbler in Quakerism (also known as the Religious Society of Friends), I was pleased and surprised to find this blog:

I won't endeavor to summarize Quakerism as I will probably do a poor job of it. A quick Googling will probably do better than I could. Despite its Christian religious roots, I've been drawn to Quaker practices, particularly its testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, and Equality, and its Meetings of quiet contemplation. Though I do not attend Meetings anymore, this blog has made me consider a possible return.

I figured I'd introduce TA to this concept and see what they think.

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The meeting I attended for a while was very diverse, very liberal, and very inclusive. We had a former United Church of Christ pastor, a couple Buddhists, Deists, vanilla Universalists etc. I never inquired, since I wasn't one at the time, but I'd venture there was at least one atheist.

When it comes to spiritual "truth" there's only one to me: it's all mythology. As long as you can accept that's what I know, don't try to force your conception of morals on others, and accept that science is the only way available to us to understand our universe with any sort of certainty, then I have no problem with you. Whether I'll find such acceptance within the Quakers, I haven't a clue...

I recognize I would be in the minority, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth a shot.
Thanks very much for this post Adrian. There has been a house down the road from me for a number of years that had a sign post indicating some kind of Quaker affiliation (shows how much attention I really paid, ha!). I was always mildly curious about it but not enough to investigate further - it was far enough down my list of priorities to not matter.

But you have piqued my interest, especially since you noted that NZ Quakers are of the liberal kind. Perhaps I shall look further and see what kind of people we have here in Nelson.

EDIT: This the history of the Quakers in my town:
Wow, thanks for this post! Very informative and helpful.
Thank you so much for the resource. I was looking at the NZ Friends page and the Wikipedia entry on Quakerism and neither even mention atheism! I'm relieved to find there are other vocal atheist Quakers. I'm in Auckland, NZ btw.


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