Noah's Arc? or Noah's COMET?! New Scientific Advances Give a Possible Insight into the "Great Flood" Myths

Okay, so I was watching a late night episode of Megadisasters because as usual I couldn't sleep. [seems I am a chronic insomniac! lol]. Anyhow... this one peaked my interest for a particular reason. As some of you may have guessed by my internet alias [skycomet] I'm a huge fan of astronomy and cosmology and this particular episode was about "comet impact disasters." I have always loved the show Megadisasters because they use science to simulate what happened in past disasters [saw them do the great chicago fire once] or use data from pre-historical disasters and project what it would be like in the present.


What I wasn't expecting... was for a media covering of an on-going scientific investigation into the source of the "Great Flood" myths.


Please notice that this type of investigation into the famous "Noah's Arc Flood Myth" is far different from Creationist investigations!! Creationists go to mountaintops with a full answer already laid out and look for evidence to back it up. Scientists looking into the origins of religious and cultural myths go with a set of documents and/ or some vague beginning evidence of a possible real event and go looking for answers.


This particular program mentioned an unexpected, but familliar reference....



The Great Flood Myths are not exactly unique in their level of bizarreness or their mentions of fantastic supernatural creatures and events, and Gods with personalities [and tempers].  But what does make this particular myth unique is the surprising uniformity [for a myth of course.. lol] that it carries from culture to culture AND the specific geographical distribution of these myths.


A historian who specialized in myths [who was mentioned on the show] knew many of the various "Great Flood Myths" but apparently became more intrigued with these myths when he saw their distrabution appeared very precise. The myths came from ancient cultures that formed a sort of "ring" if you want to call it that, around the Indian Ocean. None of the Western Hemisphere carried this myth and of the countries that had it... the myths were surprisingly similar.


A team of academics [scientists and historians] assembled to work [out of interest I suppose] on investigating these ancient myths to see if there is a proverbial "grain of truth" behind the myths. Maybe there is!


What was found is very interesting and exciting. A CAUTION THOUGH!! THIS HYPOTHESIS IS STILL IN IT'S INFANCY STAGE!! DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS THAT IT IS ABSOLUTLY TRUE NOW! Because I bet if you asked the scientists what "really happened" they would probably say... "Well we have some ideas but we're not sure yet. Come back in 20 years and we'll update you. lol"


The historian scrutinized charts and accounts of astronomical happenings that were mentioned by the civilizations in question at the time of the "event." [eclipses, sightings of specific planets and constellations.... etc.] What he found was that the event probably occurred between 2800 - 3000 BCE.


What the combined efforts of the team of scientists and historians has found is that a comet of about 30 km in diameter struck the Indian Ocean during the time period between 2800 and 3000 BCE. The Comet would have thrown massive amounts of sea water and debri into the air... causing deadly torrential rains [The Waters Above the Sky were released] and also the impact would have created devastating climate changes and [more immediately] megatsunamis of betwee 1 km and 3 km high that would have run in a ring out to all the coasts of the Indian Ocean Basin. [ The Waters beneath the Earth were released].



Current scientific estimates of what the death toll of such a catastrophe on human civilization would have caused is 1/2 of all people living at the time. [Still horrendous, but far less than the bible's complete "wipe" of civilization - except for an old man and his family.... ummm God... you missed a few of us. lol]


Scientists used satellite technology to find the possible impact crater,... and they found one! Deep beneath the Indian Ocean called the "Burkle Crater." Visit this site for more info on it's connection to the "Flood Myths."


The Burkle crater contained significant deposits of Nickle [an element which is uncommon on Earth but OFTEN found in extraterrestrial objects like astroids and comets!!]



Sooo.... what am I getting at?


Was the flood a supernatural event invoked by an angry God disappointed in his own creations whom he knew would screw up? No... it was probably just a regular random freak event that happens to us humans every once in a while.



Why did it happen? IDK... there probably was no reason.

Was this a "World Wide Flood?" NO!! Well... not in the modern sense. No the entire Earth was NOT flooded... but the majority of the ancient world in the Eastern Hemisphere was destroyed in megatsunamis and comet-induced torrential rainfall.



Was there ever a Noah or an Arc? Probably Not. Ever play the kids game telephone? In the game, one kid starts by whispering a message into the second kid's ear. By the time the last kid repeats the message out loud... it is very different from how it started. That's how myths work. The people of the bronze age didn't have many written documents and many of them couldn't read or write anyway... so they told stories by word of mouth. Problem was.... as time went on... the stories would get distorted. Real details would be forgotten and false ones would be accidentally added.


Because of this... it is no surprise to me that modern bibles, korans, and torahs depict a very different version of events from what probably actually happened.


Imagine how much distortion of this story would have happened in the 5000 years since when it happened until today?!


In the end... I will close with this....



While the creation "scientists" search the highest mountaintops for leftover traces of a wooden arc that was SUPPOSEDLY built 5000 years ago...


The REAL scientists follow a trail of evidence... instead of following a trail of ghosts... and follow physical evidence to the bottom of the Indian Ocean... where something far more believable than an angry god's wrath... may have occurred.

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Oh yeah.... that was it... the crater was 30km and the comet was only about 1 - 2 km.... I got my numbers wrong... sorry.
That seems a little more reasonable. Space is so full of objects (both large and small), i'm surprised that this doesnt happen on a more regular basis.

I have to agree somewhat with Radu. If a large comet had hit in the area of India, Madgascar and Africa's wildlife would have suffered.

Which then leads us to another location. Where did wildlife suffer greatly? In North/South America and Siberia approximately 12-14,000 years ago.

In contrast to what this tv program suggested I will also point out that a small group of people in the past, telling a great story as they traveled about can be the source of this consistent story of Noah's flood. I am not saying it did not happen. In fact, I believe it did and have spent many hours writing an entire book on the subject with a lot of interesting facts drawn from -the numbers- embedded in the Noah's ark story.

I also notice that both scientists and laymen like to push the idea of such a catastrophic event into the millions of years. Is it not logical that all these millions upon millions of animals that died on these three continents were killed by a comet?

So, I can go on... I have a blog on the subject that is how much I can go on. My book is "One." It is at Amazon. It really gets into this subject.

Otherwise - love the post and comments.


Minor problem. Even if dust in the air caused rains there isn't enough water in the air. All the humidity in the air from the surface up to space is worth about one inch of rain. If there was a comet there still no flood.

It's been a while since I posted on this. It's been so long that I have even changed the name of my book to "The Deep Mystery: The Day the Pole Moved."

So for the minor problem Matt mentions....Your statistic is probably correct. However, the ocean is 400 feet deeper today then it was 15,000 years ago. All that water came from somewhere.


Water evaporates from the surface no matter how deep the water. The air can hold only a certain maximum of water no matter how deep or large the oceans.

There is no physical evidence there was any unusual  regional flooding all at the same time. There  is evidence of any particularly unusual flooding. Stories ain't worth jack. As with everyone the greatest flood is the largest in recent memory.

You can find another bible based BS saying it was the Black Sea flooding. There is another claiming it was post ice age glacial lake emptying into the Euphrates. There are certainly more of these fanciful WAGs around but still no physical evidence.

Without physical evidence there is nothing.

Don't take late night "Scientific" programming too seriously.


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