My name is Emma and I found this site via youtube. I am non-religious and consider myself to be a humanist. I was not born into any particular religion, and I feel I cannot embrace any kind of deity without evidence for its existance. Perhaps I cannot prove there is not a god, but I certainly believe there is no evidence for belief in one! That for me is sufficient reason to declare myself non-religious (that of course coupled with all the cruelty and inconsistances within the abrahamic religions and presumably in others too.)

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all interesting points there. I suspect I come somewhere inbetween agnostic and atheist. as in if there was a god it would be more like an entity that set the ball rolling, nothing like the personal god of the bible. But my interest in science leads to be suspect there probability of any kind of god is extremly low. If that makes sense.

I can totally understand why a fear of death would be one of the hugest reasons a person would turn to religion. My father has recently be diagnosed with prostate cancer (hes only 46) and the prognosis is that whilst the cancer can be controlled at this stage it is likely to become resistant to drugs in the end. He has become obsessed with "going to hell" and "god punishing him for being a poor husband and father* and the like. This of course all stems from his christianity spell the people who brainwashed my parents into believing that it was better to stay in a miserable marriage and damage the kids than to actually get a divorce cuz after 20 years it was finally time to draw a line. It is natural to fear not living. logically or not we are biologically programmed to strive to live and procreate whatever the cost. I think the desire to live is a bit like sex drive. Just because fearing death is illogical as we will cease to exist, most human beings persue a sex life even when they have no intention of breeding! Its just our programming,and religion offers answers for those who need reassurance from their own mortality.

I think human beings are also largely "pack animals" who thrive on a set of rules to obey. From this point of view it is very easy for people to embrace the religion of the masses around them as this becomes the norm.

anywayssss, most certainly there are those who discuss all these things better than I, I make no claim to knowing much, since athiesm is simply the "norm" for myself. I have a great admiration of those who have come from christian and islamic backgrounds and have embraced reason, because that must simply be so much harder from that point of view.
I like the way you think.

Yes, we are pack animals. We are very social.

I was a Christian. My family and friends are believers. I don't know any atheist irl. I live in Romania ( 90%+ believers ). I just can't lie to myself. I get pretty marginalized. Good thing most people view my atheism as a 'phase'. It does annoy me, but at least I am not punished for believing so. Well, not much.

I think this generation, dominated by the internet and free access to information, will be the one that will tilt superstition up his ass. Reason will win because it works.

I admit I am well packed with common sense to defend my atheism, since I get challenged weekly. This website is a good place to 'reload'. It is a cold war here. Especially my parents are desperately trying to reconvert me. I am stacked with religious books, and I have had to read the Bible, but I got bored after 50 pages. They got angry when they found out I underlined and commented on any bullshit I found in it with a pencil.

Anyway. Life goes on. I couldn't have kept a state of cognitive dissonance. My lack of belief in superstition aided my education, and helped me in a ton of ways. I recommend it to any teenager that still believes in bullsh~~.
Welcome Emma=)!
were is that "atheist level" chart that doone had?
Once again thanks for all the welcomes, I am surprised to have been so much aknowledged on a forum.. not my general experience lol
Hi Emma -

"I am lucky to be brought up in a country where people are largely agnostic or non-practising." Very true but also true is the fact that (in London anyway) believers of all faiths will tolerate and generally respect each others beliefs and also Atheists.
My, what gorgeous hair you have.
why thankyou , i love doing my hair, ive had it practically everyone color going :P


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