We are migrating to new network, http://atheistzone.com/ soon. Please join it and give your feedback.

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Uh oh! No more Think Atheist? I visited the other site and it's pretty depressing. When will the dissolution of TA occur? I wondered when this might happen.

@Umar, what is the purpose of dismantling the TA site?

+1.   RIP Think Atheist?  Now it's atheist zone?  Like gay zone or something?  No more thinking?  Just zoning? 

Good names are already taken. I spent plenty of time to search for new name. If you want to suggest a name for new site, you are welcome. You can use this site https://www.namecheap.com/ to check availability.

nogodsforme.com, godno.com, atheistlounge.com, a-theist.com, nogodforum.com.

While I have no major objection to atheistzone.com (it's far better than thinkatheist.com) I came up with these five available names in about five minutes. 

Also, if you ditch the ".com" which was originally intended for commercial businesses, using a ".org" extension will make a lot of names available that aren't available in their ".com" form.

Yes .org are easier to find than .com. If i select a .org domain but do not own .com version. We shall keep sending our visitors to .com. It is not a good idea from marketing point of view.

Generally, yes, if you get an .org or .net name, you want to own the .com as well because .com has become the default. If someone can remember the name but not the extension, they will try .com first. You then redirect them from the .com to the .org.

But .org does make sense for an organization.

BTW, domain names, I'm sure you know, are cheap. Hosting on a site like HostGator is cheap, too (like $10/mo with no limit on the # of domain names). And HostGator has virtually no rules other than don't do anything illegal. They host many of the porn sites out there.

New site is hosted with Hostgator and yes, they even allow adult sites.

Thanks for your interest. Will you explain what exactly you did not like about new site?

@Umar, what is the purpose of dismantling the TA site?

There are valid reasons for leaving Ning. It is a long list. I am not very good at explaining. I try.

1. Think Atheist is using Ning social network. I have installed Buddypress on atheistzone.com. Ning is closed source while Buddypress is open source. Practically i do not own content of TA. I searched a lot. There are no working tools/script to export content to some other social networking software. It means if Ning decides to close their services, we shall lose all the content. That is why sooner we leave Ning and move to new site, more content we shall save.

2. Buddypress is flexible and has more options in form of plugins. I have not installed any plugin on atheistzone.com yet. I shall search for them according to needs. Currently what you are seeing on atheistzone.com are core features.

3. Currently TA is using Ning 2 that is a bit outdated. Ning 3 is latest. Ning 3 costs more but has less features. They are not updating Ning 2 and focusing on Ning 3.

4. TA is a white elephant for me and costs $60 per month. I am bearing $15 to $25 loss per month. Buddypress is free. I only need to buy theme and hosting that i can use for my other sites also.

5. Buddypress is official wordpress plugin. It will last/survive longer as compared to Ning.

6. Buddypress has also cons but i think it does not matter as there is no alternative to buddypress.

You don't have to explain to me. It's your business.  Good luck with the new site  I like it so far.  

I'm curious, though - why not just port the domain to the new host? 

its the will of FSM He boiled for our sins.


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