Did you laugh when you watched this video? I did.

I think partly it's because of Dawkins' deadpan delivery but mostly it's because the comments are so sincere in their animus, stupidity and impotence. I was trying to figure out why that's so damned funny.

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LOL!!!! That was SO funny!!! Thanks Gallup that made my day, lol!!!

AWESOME! No doubt he's learned well from Monty Python. I haven't laughed that hard in weeks. Gallup, what's funny (to me) is how he can turn such vile, hateful spittle into a fun romp in the meadow.

Yeah, but I could see white supremecists laughing at the NAACP. Laughter's interesting in that it's one of those social things that's contagious among people with a like mindset. It's an important way--before we had words--when we could alert each other to something we knew each other would be interested in sharing. I hate to give the example of hyenas making their laughing sounds when they're doing something importantly cooperative together, but it's what sticks in my mind as the best animal example of where laughter might come from. Notice that laughter is usually a "with us or against us" kind. We're usually laughing with people in our in-group, and sometimes it's also at other people in out-groups.

Also... turn this around. As stupid as those nasty comments sound, we can imagine a bunch of those assholes laughing at us each time they make fun of us.


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