Good morning everyone.

As stated last night I am going to tell a little about myself. This may get a little confusing so please forgive me.

It all started many years ago when I was a small child. My parents were not religious so Sunday School was not high on their priority list. I did go to Sunday School intermittently while my mother attended services.

I don't recall whether I had any fun in Sunday School all I remember is that it didn't make much sense, the whole God loves you, Christ loves and protects you, he is a shepherd and you are his sheep and on and on. This Jesus Christ, for Christ sake (heehee) was dead and gone long before I came along so I couldn't see how he could love me and all that. And the whole God thing didn't make sense. I went along with it but saved it for Sundays, the rest of the week I lived in the real world far removed from the religious thing.

As I aged God, Jesus and religion in general faded into the background. Oh, they were there but not given much thought about. So I believed in God in a sort of amorphous way, he never intruded on my life. This went on for years and gradually the whole religious thing faded away into the great beyond. So the years passed.

I guess I was a nominal theist but with reservations. I knew there were atheists but I only knew the word atheist in it's connotative sense which is negative.

Last year for some reason I decided to check out atheist forums, exactly why I don't know. Surprise, surprise they resonated with me so I joined up. After reading through the posts I realized God had receded so far into the background I no longer believed in Him. As for the bible I'd always had problems with it. So much seemed so implausible that I found it unbelievable, at best the modern worlds, the Christians anyway, mythology.

A couple of weeks ago I began to realize there were people who were theists, some agnostic and others atheists. I was not a die hard atheist, had nothing against God but was disinterested in a supernatural force that was responsible for the universe and all it contained. Also religion, qua religion, was of no interest to me, it is/was there but, except for the fact I was born into a christian culture, of little to no interest to me. I wasn't an agnostic and as a weak, at best, atheist felt there had to be a forth possibility but couldn't say what label I could hang on myself.

Then I ran into the word apatheist. When I looked it up in Wikipedia I realized it fit me better than the other three labels. While I am a member of other atheist forums and enjoy the conversations I am rather unconcerned as to whether or not some sort of god like being/thing. To me it is a moot question especially since there is no way to prove or disprove that sort of existence. I will admit I am not at all big on the bible. Without the first book it has no meaning (at least to me) while with it we have a circular argument for the existence of some sort of supreme being. In any case whether or not a god exists has no impact on my life. Even if something like that showed itself it wouldn't cause me to do or be any different from how I presently live my life.

So I am here rather than on a religious forum, which the few I've dropped in on, spouted the same old drivel which I can no longer abide.

Somehow this whole post seems to me to be a bit out of kilter.

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No problem there man once there are no German Nihilists involved as they believe in nothing in a very aggressive manner. If only they knew the study of philosophy was just the introduction to philosophy as their fellow German, Hegel once said.

OMG (you can omit the G part if you want) I've never been so wounded in my life, as if you stabbed me with a lance dipped in vinegar a wound so terrible I may never be able to post on this forum again. It was a mortal blow delivered to a weak old man who never roasted a baby.

Well I could go on and on but think I'll just have a hearty guffaw. (I wish I could add a smiley at the end of this or other sentences but the forum won't let me) I tried with one post, was able to add it but not where I wanted.

However we can still be friends and chat.

Ok, so pull up a pew (erm, I meant seat) and I will tell you all about it. They taste exactly like chicken. :-) :-)

So do frog legs and rattlesnake.

Labels arent everything. Thank you for turning your critical faculty on and welcome to the conversation. You wil find being an atheist a liberating and rich experience.


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