Donald Trump is now going to be the Republican nominee and the next POTUS. HOW fucking stupid is this nation? Seriously.

I was just reading an article today about how the Republicans are trying to downplay and skirt around his attitude towards and treatment of women.

I would not be surprised if he chose a woman VP just for show. He is quite frankly unstoppable at this point.

What has happened to US? HOW did we become such a stupid country? I am asking that seriously.

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The man is "off the wall". It will be interesting to see what the final nail will be. The Clinton campaign does not need to talk about him anymore. He will self-destruct soon if his supporters do not get to him first. The GOP rebuilding process will also be interesting to follow.

The man is "off the wall". It will be interesting to see what the final nail will be.

It will be interesting to see if he even makes it until the final election. I don't even know if they can "kick him out!"....although I'm really more fearful of who would replace him at this point, lol.'s going to be an interesting 3 months.

I have to admit. I really thought he would have held it together much better once he got the nomination and really schmoozed over everyone.....


I'm very happy that he's making a complete ASS of himself, lol!!!!!!!

Ahh, but there's still pleeeeeenty of time for him to bark a pied piper tune! I think he's just been playing us, and I'm crossing my fingers that he's intentionally messing up the Rep party for the Dems to win. Or he's like the dark side of Dorothy, unwillingly going back to Kansas soon.

To add to your nightmare:

Trump refuses wise counsel from international and foreign policy experts and seems obsessed with using nukes.

Aw man, nukes, that'll be great for end-of-the-world devotees.

The evangelical vote just wet it's pants in excitement.


and seems obsessed with using nukes.

Its part of his plan to cut health care costs, you see.  If you ever need some work done that involves radioactive tracers, there will be no need to pay someone to inject them; you can go straight to whatever device they use to scan for them.

See...He really IS a smarty-pants.


I'm hoping that the Republican Party does NOT say to him "You're FIRED!"

The reason is that Trump running as the Repub essentially guarantees a democratic victory....which is a clean solution to the trumpling of america.

The only real complication would be if too many people stay home and don't vote at all, because they hate BOTH candidates...that could be horrific.

Otherwise, Hillary wins.


Trump is about as qualified to run the country as say, Paris Hilton, etc.

His only reason for being on that stage is he inherited a lot of money, and spent most of it on branding...and that brand "trump", is all he's got.


As an interesting side question - IF THEY DO DUMP TRUMP, who would the Republican Party run instead?


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