Yep. I sure know how to pick em!!! lol

Long story short - several months ago I started walking with this older gentleman. He's never done anything sexually suggestive and has always been completely respectful. We go walking together.

He doesn't know that I know he's a sex offender. I read up on him and I know exactly what he did and his motivations behind it and what not. He's not dangerous.

But one thing has recently changed. He is wanting my extra computer. He seems to be really bugging me about it. He hasn't had a computer in a number of years. I'm not sure if this is something where he's like relapsing or if he's just ready to have one again....I don't know.....

Should I....give it to him?

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I think you shouldn't give it to him.  That would be enabling him, and do you want that?  Let him do it himself. 

I'd like to go walking with you!  And I'm safe on a computer.  I think. 

There's one thing you can say about your life, Belle. It's not boring!
Lol I'm not sure that's a good thing.

He can't get his own Internet enabled device? When you hear an alarm bell sounding you don't sit down and work out how you should react. You say you won't and explain no more about it. Never explain, never complain.


Belle I'm dismayed that you haven't considered the terrible consequences to both you and him. Giving him another computer gives him a chance to use multiple devices to maintain anonymity and to mascarcade as two or three different users (who in a group chat can vouch for the reliability of one another when in reality it's just one user manipulating a young person with false security). You can be legally responsible not only for enabling him,  but also for the illegal activity he might do while using your laptop. If he uses your laptop to view child porn and gives its back to can be stuck in a nightmare situation if it is tracked to your device. The fact that he's asked you multiple times, (which is highly inappropriate for someone you barely know) this should run off alarm bells. Tell him sorry...but no. If he's a nice person as you say he should respect that and not ask again.

I didn't think about it like Yep. I'm glad I asked. I knew something wasn't right I just didn't know what...

That gives me an idea for a poll...would you rather have a religious sex offender or an upstanding atheist as your neighbor?

I hear a mixed message...

1) I know what he did and he's harmless

2) I don't want him to do harm, which my computer might enable.

So, which is it?


If he's one of those 19 yr olds who dated a 17 year old and was a sex offender for statutory rape...30 years ago, yeah, he probably is not a lunatic.

If he was a stalker abducting young children, etc....not so much a safe guy picture.

What do you WORRY he'll do, if he got a computer, and, what keeps him from just buying one, etc?

He used the internet to respond to a Craigslist ad in which he was going to meet a mother and daughter and have sex with them both. He clearly understood that the daughter was 13. It ended up being a detective who posted the ad and upon arrival to the hotel he got arrested. The person who did his psychological evaluation said he did it because he was lonely and looking for something new. He has struggled to even have a girlfriend (and I can understand why honestly lol). He's suffered from depression etc.....

I met him on Craigslist lol.
Hang on a sec - if you met him on Craig's List, how did he manage to get on line? You have such a kind heart, you look for the best in people - but clearly he could get on line to meet you... if you don't need your old computer, you could sell it on Craig's List yourself and pocket a few dollars.

In addition, you only have his word for what actually happened to get him convicted. Unfortunately it's the con men who have the nicest manners, because they've learned how to manipulate others.

Never disregard a red flag.


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