I'm agnostic.
My friend is a religious nut. He has refused a Christmas card/gift from me because according to him, "you don't believe or celebrate God."

I feel that was unnecessary and I kind of feel hurt.
why would someone say that?

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I just had a similar experience. An acquaintance started a chat with me and asked what I was doing. I said that I was reading and downloading ebooks (from Nelson's collection, which I showed him). His response to me downloading ebooks was that he didn't appreciate my disrespect for the Bible.

I was civil and answered his questions about what my lack of religious beliefs, but he became increasingly irrational and told me that I belittle Christians and I disrespect his beliefs and all sorts of silly things. He kept telling me that he was angry because of the way I treat Christians. I grew tired of it and told him to defriend me and quit talking to me, problem solved. It appears that he's done just that.

The funniest thing is that this True Believer in Christ has admitted to me on msn that he was up so late, browsing porn sites and chatting in adult chatrooms, engaging in behaviour with live people that I would consider cheating. I, the "immoral atheist" told him as much and said that he was treating his girlfriend unfairly and that he should not be doing these things behind her back.

I'm glad he's off my msn, to be honest. He was a seriously creepy Christian ;P
Funny how easily offended they are by some things but not others.

well hopefully your friend can embrace you for all that you are, if not then you can always find a friend who will.
wow, that must have really hurt! IMO, friends don't feel superior, even if they have different view points. I hope you feel brave enough to let him know that while he may think he "won" as a theist, he has lost as a human.
He's practicing the exact intolerance that his religion preaches against. Do him a favor, and tell him that he's a hypocrite for me? Thanks =]
So Christmas is celebrated by the Christians why??? It was a secular holiday that the roman catholics stole from the pagans and now all the Christians celebrate. So next time tell him you refuse to believe that he'd celebrate any pagan stolen holiday and take pride in it like you have no right to be nice enough and respect his decision to celebrate a holiday that was taken by breaking one of the ten commandments Lmao Tell him to do this research before he goes claiming that you do not believe in God, that's an atheist, you're agnostic.
so narrow-minded,

certainly, he's not your friend. a true, genuine friend will accept you, whether you are a christian or not....


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