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Someone asked me why an atheist celebrates Christmas. I said that many Christians celebrate Halloween, and the fun and tradition keeps it going for me.  I also respect many of the teachings of Jesus such as forgiveness and charity. This Christmas my wish is that we can all get along, that we can respect eachother's beliefs or lackthereof, and that we find common ground in the love and humanity in each of us.


Happy Holidays everyone :)

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Why is it that, while many Christians believe that athiests can't be ethical, atheists are the benevolent, tolerant, & forgiving ones?  Some of the core values of many of the religions teach these values, but the followers only think it applies to others that think like them.


I've had many theist friends that have said my atheist wife and myself are better Christians than those that sit in churches with them on Sundays.  Is that a compliment?


Enjoy the holidays!

I've heard that one, eyes rolling...
I agree completely and wish for the same thing this christmas.  But you know what i dont get?  Christmas is supposed to be a cheerful, no fight holiday and i find it pathetic that not one person can do this for one meesily day.  That fact alone is so sad......


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