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Someone asked me why an atheist celebrates Christmas. I said that many Christians celebrate Halloween, and the fun and tradition keeps it going for me.  I also respect many of the teachings of Jesus such as forgiveness and charity. This Christmas my wish is that we can all get along, that we can respect eachother's beliefs or lackthereof, and that we find common ground in the love and humanity in each of us.


Happy Holidays everyone :)

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lol, I love this.  Christmas is sentimental to me, it reminds me of being a kid.  I used to love lying under the tree looking up, peering over the railing to see if Santa came, and of couse the gifts!  

Wow, I'm glad I was so friendly and tactful with what I wrote.  I actually got some surprising comments.  My sister that I thought was Christian said that she no longer had faith and that she prayed because she hoped there was something afterlife although she didn't know if it were true.  My good friend said that she never told anyone how she felt because people would think she was awful for not going to church and being confused about the morality of the idea of hell.  One person did use the opportunity to tell me that "Jesus loved me" and to tell my sister that no matter how she felt that he was listening.  The same person said that she respected our choice and that after all God gifted us free will.  I respectfully told her that I did not believe in free will, and especially that it was something gifted to me.  I told her that of course we choose, but choices do not = free will in my opinion.  Our choices have to do with the decision making parts of our brain. I offered proof by saying that I've worked with mentally retarded individuals as well as persons who are recovering from brain injury.  When those parts of the brain are damaged or missing, decision making is effected as well.
the question is, why to theists celebrate Christmas? lol it's not even their holiday.
My brother was over before I got home from work one day. The wife let him use our computer, but he was shocked that I have a Christmas tree. Sadly I wasn't there to inform him of the Pagan roots of Christmas and just about all the symbolism. But maybe I'll get the chance this Saturday.
funny story, tis the season for jesus and every time I sit for a meal at the family dinning table, I have to hear my parents praying to god to remind everyone the true meaning of Christmas. It takes everything I have not to say something.
That's really nice.  As a secular family we've brought up celebrating or paying respects to the various traditions around the world.  I'd love to bring up to my husband celebrating the winter solstice, I think it's good to intertwine new traditions with old.
Wow!  If I ever afford my dream of visiting Ireland and Scotland I'll plan a trip to Newgrange.  Thanks for sharing some of the history, I'm intrigued and will need to read up on my own.  Happy Winter Solstice.

Eh, I was hoping that by saying "many" they knew I didn't mean all.  I do respect what it means to lay Christians, the messages of serving and helping others, to love one another...and so on. I loathe other teachings of Jesus, some of which stirred my heart and emotions... especially as a Sunday School teacher, I felt so wrong telling kids all the good stories about him and leaving out the horrid things that Jesus said like:

 "So I will cast on her a bed of suffering, and will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways.  I will strike her children dead."


And I helped the kids make WWJD bracelets!  I realized that not only did I have doubts but I was a cherry picking hypocrite as well. 


I admit, I was tactful with the way I presented my message.  It's not a lie, but for the sake of it needing to be 420 words or less without continuing on the next line I didn't elaborate.  It was kind of unfortunate because one person did say that "after all Jesus' message is all that matters."  Of course I was quick to debate her, especially when she started talking about free-will and that it was gifted by God.  I was still polite though and the message did do something positive.  It got people talking, considering their positions, and in the end that person who brought up free-will ended up appologizing and said she could see how it seemed like she was preaching. 

Three friends and my sister shared at least some doubt and "came out" in their posts.  Several family members said they didn't know I was atheist, and said they loved me no matter what I believed.  Some people aren't that lucky. I'm happy that even as a former devout Christian that I can look back and take the positive and negative experiences I had as a believer and keep the good stuff that went along with it, while leaving the extra baggage at the door.


I appreciate the sentiment, but I will not bestow respect on silly beliefs for the sake of solidarity during a holiday season.
Let me clarify by saying that I would not DISrespect silly beliefs during the holiday season.  Not unless they were becoming intrusive, that is.

I would agree with this, and the moment that they tell me what to believe they've already crossed a line. 

I agree with you to Janelle,but this week as a saw a video of David Silverman of American atheists i think of whom I find myself totally agreeing with usually on fox news(again) arguing against Christmas trees in the work place,now I'm a 6.99 atheist myself but even I think he'd gone to far,after all the Christmas tree if anything is an old pagan practice about decorating an evergreen a tree in the harsh winters to remind them that soon their crops would grow again,and how many people think of jesus or whatever when they look at a Christmas tree?I was with him on the Nativity scenes and the billboards  but the Christmas tree argument on fox did more harm than good for atheists I felt.



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