Muslim Idiot Zealots Threaten Nude Bathers in Germany - Hey, how about minding your own business!

Some Asswipe Muslims threatened families, women, and children in Germany for nude bathing at a legitimate venue.   Here's an idea, if you don't like nude swimmers, how about not go to that pool. Also, your religion is disgusting. Mind your own business, you psychos. If someone is not bothering you and you have to bully them because of your religion, then you deserve to go to Syria and life like a barbarian.

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I suppose we can draw an analogy from the way certain religious practices "get a pass" BECAUSE they are religious practices.

Honor Killers getting off in Britain because of their religion might be a good example.

If a British citizen/tourist in the middle east eats some bacon in public, he might be killed for his disrespect for Islam.

If a Muslim in Britain murders his sister because she dishonored her family by being raped...well, that's OK?

So, UNDERSTANDING WHY is one thing, allowing/condoning is quite another.

I get WHY, I just think the why is what needs to be addressed prevent the "when" from happening.



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