Muslim brothers. You have created our new Caliphate. Who is your new Caliph?

Muslim brothers.  You have created our new Caliphate.  Who is your new Caliph?


Now that the world is turning inexorably to the right wing of the political systems of the world, -- these mostly democratic nations led by oligarchs, --- we members of the new Caliphate, --- thanks to individual strength of character, --- can say that we have conquered the West.


We have taught the Western alliances and liberal forces that there are limits to freedom of speech, --- that we must respect, --- if we are to live in harmony.


That limit to freedom of speech being that, if any insult the Caliphate’s God. Caliphate members will see any insult to be levelled at the whole nation, its culture, as well as to their person.


The West has been cowed; therefore, a modified Sharia can be put in place as the law of the land in all of the Western world.


The Muslim male freedom, to fight and kill for his rights, as dictated by his sense of duty and honor to wife and family, is at hand.  


Sure, some left wing voices will deny that they now live in a Caliphate, but our ideology of intolerance to other political and religious tribes and ideologies, --- as well as our apostates, --- has made the left, --- moot.


Intolerance to insult has won the day and our Caliphate is now a political reality.


Now all we need my brothers is a Caliph to modify Sharia to where rapprochement of all peoples of the world is possible.


Islam is the new world order and not the left wing un-United State system that cannot even bring rapprochement of its own states.


Muslim brothers. You have created our new right wing and intolerant Western system with a closer ideology to Islam. You have forced Western governments to the right and thus produced an ideological rapprochement to Islam. That is to create a Caliphate.


Muslim brothers, you must now elect a Caliph to unify all Muslim forces. Duty and honor demands it.


Your new Caliphate must have a Caliph.




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we have no choice but to not tolerate those who will not tolerate us.

Except that you're pushing the majority Muslims who do tolerate us in the wrong direction. 

Pope Beanie

Do you like what you see of the majority?

As you can see, I cannot be pushing them to where they already are.



That video doesn't even mention the largest and 3rd largest Muslim countries. We call this "cherry picking" the evidence.

Pope Beanie

That firm is one of the best and most respected but believe what you will.



"That firm is one of the best and most respected but believe what you will."

That's irrelevant when *you* are cherry picking.
I nominate Ronald McDonald

Ronald could never be caliph. He uses too much bacon!


It seems, from that link, that Ronald McDonald just wont do as the young Muslims find any who eat pork disgusting, even as they try to take over all the countries where they have emigrated into.

They bite -----------



Say goodbye to BLTs. Will happy menus still be allowed.

What a load of bullshit! Grow up.

The so called Islamic State...would disagree with the above written? Which parts would they disagree with? Which part hasn't been unambiguously stated by IS or the Taliban or Wahaddists? Which principles have not been implemented in their IS model state? Everything DL typed has been repeated ad infinitum by the sociopathic boy warriors of the IS. DL has written a parody of this. The answer to parody is not to confuse specific singling out of behaviour being a broad sweeping condemnation and willful insult to an entire people. This isnt the narrative of the everyman...and those who dont get that have the kind of thinking that leads to Westerners who shed no tear for the journalists of Charlie Hebdo.

. DL isn't claiming that all followers of Islam want to take over the world and implement Sharia law everywhere (though based on surveys conducted in many states with Muslim majorities...there are more than enough who are sympathetic for many of the ideas expressed above). He's parodying the extreme delusion, cognitive disconnect, sociopathic behaviour apologetics, he ridiculousness of extremists using modern technology to return to the dark ages of Islamic purism, the call for a leader who can embody radical purist Islam...while still able to lead on the crusade in the modern world. He parodies their call for a fundamental reading of the Koran yet modify and twist sharia laws for their own gain (especially when it let's them rape sex slaves and execute people at will). It parodies the idea that they can silence their critics in an age of anonymous social media and so on. Parody of dark inhuman things is not a bad thing. There's nothing childish about dark satire and parody.

Or maybe it's a veiled call to unite as one in a new USA order, Trumpistan. (Gotta get some anger juice flowing, first.)


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