Most interesting/shocking/appalling overshare you ever heard

"More than I needed to know" is one way to define what an overshare is. The one that comes to mind for me was in a conversation I was having with a woman talking about how much her dog meant to her. You know, I'm appalled when I see people Frenching their dogs because dogs lick their buttholes. But I was not expecting her description of something she did with her dog that involved peanut butter and being naked below the waist.

I had to tell her to be careful whom she told that story to because I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

Any overshares come to mind for you?

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When I was in high school my mom and I were in line at the grocery store and a woman behind us started small talking with us. She was telling us about an accident she was in and then proceeded to lift her shirt up to show us her scar. In the grocery store. In public.

I have a scar on my torso too but I don't go around flashing strangers in grocery stores.

I once had someone tell me just how broken she was in her nether regions - she had experienced all kinds of prolapse, ones I didn't even know (nor wanted to know) existed. I wanted to bleach my mind after getting a blow by blow description of just how messed up the bits between her hips and thighs are.

This past Saturday my wife and I were at The Get Down near the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. I was at the bar getting us drinks when all of a sudden I swore I heard a girl next to me say to the people she was with, "Sometimes, I like to take pictures of my a-hole."  o_O  I cannot make this one up.  I was there, it happened, and I hope I misheard her.

Maybe she was talking about her boyfriend.

Let's hope so...

No matter what she least we can be 99% sure it will be nothing list goatse (if you are easily disturbed don't google that...I was very very grossed out when I saw it).

"Maybe she was talking about her boyfriend"



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