This is awful, just awful.  U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot.  According to the Tucson Sun she was shot in the head.  Here is coverage from HuffPo  and MSNBC:


 This makes me sick to my stomach.

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Don't forget, early last year, her campaign office was vandalized.

Been amazed by and speechless about this story since it broke earlier. This is so sad. Palin and Beck need to be held accountable for this shit.

And I'm not saying he isn't absolutely insane, but I noticed that all of these videos and posts on Myspace & Facebook were all posted in the last 2 months...

I'm hesitant to believe that any sort of mental illness this severe would suddenly appear and two months later, he goes out and shoots 18 people. I'm thinking he's just some tea party whack job who planned this and then made some crazy videos so he'd have an insanity plea all ready when he gets to court. 

Don't forget to include Sharron "second amendment remedies" Angle with Palin and Beck.
Ah, yes forgot about the old media-dodger. She is definitely up there with Palin and Beck.
Unfortunately, schizophrenia can develop or manifest quite quickly.

If that's the case, then so be it. I'm no expert on neurological disorders. However, I am a little skeptical about calling him insane, when he hasn't even talked to police yet. Making crazy videos and blog posts before you go out and do something like this just seems like a great way to get a lesser sentence by reason of insanity.

Noone expects the American Inquisition!


But now it has started.

I didn't see this anywhere else in these posts, so sorry if it's been said already, but at the press conference, the AZ police said they are actively pursuing a white male in his mid fifties. He is a "person of interest." Maybe this is Jared's puppet master?
Whoa. Hold it everyone. Gabrielle is NOT dead. She is in critical condition after the surgery to remove her bullet. She is expected to make a full recovery. A dozen were shot at and injured. Six of them, including a nine year old girl, is dead. But Giffords is NOT among the departed. Let's hope she pulls through.
It should also be noted that the shooter probably DID target Giffords. The shooting came after an ad was released by her opponent with a slogan urging people to target her and remove her from office and it was bunched in with an ad to shoot automatic weapons with her opponent at an event. abut the subliminal message in all of that was obviously NOT harmless. Jesse should be charged with some kind of negligence that led to her injury.

My condolences to the families of the people killed and injured- particularly the 9 yr old girl. Another loony whatever inspired him Right and/or Left- or delusional space aliens from Arcturus- I don't want to speculate till more info is available on possible motive...


So I wanted to read the whole thread before I posted this sickness on top of this already violent incident to make sure I wasn't repeating, repeating, repeating...


I got the link from Twitter and it's to another atheist site- The UAF- sorry Mods if I'm not supposed to do that...


But our favorite Whacked-Out Wing-Nuts at the Westboro Baptist Church wasted no time in jumping on this tragic story:



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