This is awful, just awful.  U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot.  According to the Tucson Sun she was shot in the head.  Here is coverage from HuffPo  and MSNBC:


 This makes me sick to my stomach.

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I've been keeping my eye on Arizona because it is such a hot bead for political tension right now. I can't believe some of the crap they have been trying to pull especially in regards to education (since that's a topic near and dear to me).
Yeah.  It seems to me that he was a nutjob.  I still think that he may have been provoked by the anger inciting tea party/libertarian rhetoric.  I suspect that certain republicans will insist that he was simply insane and lacking any reason.

You can find plenty of atheists who are nutjobs and hold whacky worldviews.  To be an atheist means only that you don't believe in the existence of god or gods.  Doesn't mean that someone who is an atheist can't believe that, say, the government is controlling him with "silent radio."  It seems that this guy did have some whacked out views and did hold some views that might be considered "progressive" - I think he is, clearly, quite mentally disturbed and that he may be something of a Ron Paul-style libertarian (or is that redundant??)

Maybe we should reserve judgment a little more. I see that the posts before this video were attacking the tea party. Lets support reason, not bashing. On that note, it  is rare to see an atheist nut job shoot people up... 

I agree but I do think that the Tea Party does have 2 wings:  a libertarian wing (whose adherents do embrace some policies that would be considered progressive, e.g., drugs) and the religious right wing. [ As an aside, I think the Tea Party's two wings are ultimately incompatible which is why in the long term they won't gain much traction and the Tea Party candidates elected will end up being more of the same old, same old Republicans.]  Don't know if Loughner considered himself a Tea Partier but his views, the ones we know so far, seem to be in accord with the libertarian/Ron Paul wing of the Tea Party.  I think that it is important to understand this - already the right is using this guy to bash the left.  And he is no way a liberal

Totally...but we can certainly come up countless instances where a person of god killed a 9 year old child or a child of any age!!  And I'd bet my last dollar 

that, absent mental illness, many more children are killed by believers than non-believers!!

Perhaps Republicans will be projecting their own faults onto Loughner if they call him insane.
They can spin this any way they want to. Sarah Palin and other major Tea Party members are responsible. They should be tried, convicted, and sentenced, and then sued so they come out penniless.
Bob Franken just equated the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords to Vietnam War protests. That is the most heinous false equivalency I have ever seen.

I hope somebody else calls him out on that. I have my disagreements with Today's left, but not half as many as I have with Today's right.


Somebody asked me recently about what it felt like to be a libertarian today. My response, "I imagine it's a lot like what Trotsky felt like when he saw what Stalin was doing to Socialism".



Jared Loughner is obviously psychotic, probably schizophrenic.

My husband and I lived within walking distance of that very Safeway where the attack happened. 

My old room-mate still does. 

It's near the one of the more liberal areas of Tucson. You could always smell reefer there and it was hard to tell the fashionably bohemian from the genuinely homeless. 

The store clerks would always stop and talk to us about our dog and give him a treat or a pet. 


Folks.. this isn't just happening on the news anymore. This isn't a debate about open top vehicles in parades.

This is in our back yard. 

This is real. 


I think the future of America is rushing up on us way faster than anyone could have predicted. 


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