It's because we have a mind set against him...

Yes they're serious.

My reply to them was simply this..

I couldn't get past the first paragraph without shaking my head. Sorry but lack of evidence is EXACTLY why i and many atheists i talk to on a daily basis refute the idea that there is a god. How can we have a mindset against something we refute as being nonexistent? That's like an adult being mad at Santa because you didn't get the present you wanted.

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Oi, so if I get me an invisible friend, write a book and claim he told me what to write and then say he exists because he said he does and warns that there will be people who don't believe in "Him", that's apparently all it takes, right?
Congratulations you just became a prophet according to Christian logic.
Yes, now Lisa can get rich! She started a religion! If the L.Ron Hubbard can do it, why not Lisa? :-)
I stopped in the middle of the second paragraph. That was the most ridiculous thing I've ever attempted to read.
Y'all, let's remember that most of us started our lives as believers. No need to call religious people "morons", the possibility of God not existing simply does not enter their heads... yet.
"The fool has said in his heart there is no God." And the wise person proclaims it out loud.
Ha ha very true. I have an idea for a t-shirt now...:D
AiG and the fundie idiots who spout this make me want to bash my head against a brick wall repeatedly. There's a cartoon I can remember seeing with two pictures, one of two scientists and then the other of two priests/ministers/Christian guys. The picture of the scientists has one of them saying 'what hypothesis can we infer from the evidence of this experiment'. The Bible picture has one pastor holding a Bible and saying to the other pastor 'well here's our results, What evidence can we find to support it'.

The likes of AiG are so wrapped up in trying to hold to the Bible that they twist their 'evidence' through different dimensions to fit the Bible stories, whilst, as the original post says, atheists have looked at the evidence first and THEN made the conclusion there is no God.
Always assume that you could be wrong.

It's kept science alive.


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