More Creationist Stupidity in My Youtube Mailbox... Any ideas on what to say back to her

Sovereignty of God vs. Man's responsibility
Sovereignty of God vs. Man's responsibility
Well, if you believe in evolutionism, you believe that you evolved by chance processes, correct?

Well if you evolved by chance, then that means your brain evolved by chance also, right? Now if your brain evolved by chance, that means your processes of logic also evolved by chance; so if your logic evolved by chance, you can't be sure it evolved the right way—you don't even know if you're posting the proper comments or videos!

If you think the Bombardier beetle (with all of its internal highly combustible chemicals) evolved by chance you are mistaken. Because if it did, you'd hear each and every one of these little critters exploding in the forest, one by one, practicing their chemistry. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

"Millions of years" or "billions of years"? The fact is, the human mind just CANNOT comprehend how big those numbers are. Once I tried counting on a calculator starting from '1'—I quickly began to doubt in millions or billions of years—because didnt it occur to you that anything BIG can happen in just one year? Or one day? The Hindenburg blew up in one day; the TITANIC sank in one day; the city of Pompeii got covered by Vesuvius in one day; St. Helens carved out a big canyon in one day!

G-d already told us that people do not relate to animals:
1 Corinthians 15:39
"All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds."

The facts remain:

Just like at Columbine, the Finnish high school shooting (2007) once again showed that a classroom teaching of evolutionary theory can not only affect what a student writes on an exam paper but also the REST OF HIS LIFE and the lives of those around him. The shooter (Pekka-Eric Auvinen) was all too evident from his many comments posted on the Internet including:

-'Life is just a coincidence... result of long process of evolutionism...'

-'Religious people, your gods are nothing and exist only in your heads.'

-'Human life is not sacred. Humans are just a species among other animals. ...Death is not a tragedy, it happens in nature all the time... Not all human lives are important or worth saving.'

-'Today the process of natural selection is totally misguided. ...It's time to put NATURAL SELECTION & SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST back on track! ...I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see [as] unfit, disgraces of the human race and failures of natural selection.'

-'I am the law, judge, and executioner. There is no higher authority than me.'

From a purely practical viewpoint, is evolutionism REALLY the sort of ideology a society would want to teach to its children, now that the consequences are undeniably evident for all to see? By the way, it is quite crazy that there are folks who try to say, 'Oh, that's different - that's 'social' Darwinism!' You can't separate the cause from the effect - it is a direct RESULT you get - people may use this evolutionism philosophy for all kinds of things - even if it deals with things such as social Darwinism OR egotistical attitudes ("I'm smart, you're dumb")

...Don't you think that maybe... CHANGING the education system would give you a better society? Because from a practical point of view, what happened to China and North Korea is exactly where (ex. America) is headed toward.

Ken Ham, by the way, has tried to reassure people like you (and I apologize that I did not state this earlier) that evolution is not the CAUSE of all social ills - the main cause for all social ills is SIN (which is rebellion and spiritual separation from your Creator). Evolutionism, by the way, would be used to SUPPORT a lot of social ills - that's a point we try to get across, and I'm sorry I didn't make it clear first time.)

But my goal in having this channel of mine up is to not only help folks that have to learn this evolutionism stuff see the other Side of the argument, but to even win them (and you) over to the Biblical creationist viewpoint & even the Lord - I really do!

You may not believe the Bible, but I do. And I believe it gives me the right basis to understand this universe and correctly interpret the evidence around me. I WANT to give you some examples of how building my thinking on the Bible explains the world and is not contradicted by Science - how the issue of sin and judgment is relevant with geology and fossil evidence; how the Fall of man, with the subsequent curse on creation, makes sense of the evidence of harmful mutations, violence, and death; or how the original "kinds" of animals gave rise to the wide variety of animals we see today, etc.

Now if you have a scientific reason to reject the Bible, I would like to see & hear about it. So far, I've not seen you show any scientific evidence that makes me want to leave my Bible behind and say that evolutionism has happened - I haven't seen any scientific evidence, and I have studied this intently for a long time. I think some people (as I have mentioned before) LIKE the evolutionism theory because, 'Hey, this is a great way to get rid of G-d, and therefore, there are no rules, and therefore, I get to do whatever I feel like doing (II Peter 3:3).

If I was going to INVENT a G-d, I would not invent one that tells me I cant do some things that I'd like to do - we didn't INVENT the Christian God; we are just trying to obey and do what He says.

Now let me ask you to defend YOUR position concerning these matters. Please show me how YOUR way of thinking, based on YOUR beliefs, makes sense of the same evidence. And, without reacting in vulgar & vile language, I want you to point out where my science and logic are wrong.

I know you may first start off with saying, "Oh, snakes don't talk, people don't turn into pillars of salt, a woman can't be made out of a rib, etc," from the preconceived idea that the supernatural does not exist, the occurrences are re-determined by the assumption. The serpent talked because Satan disguised himself AS a serpent. And of course, G-d can use natural laws to accomplish His will. In fact, the laws of nature are really just descriptions of the way that G-d normally upholds the universe and accomplishes His will. But G-d is not bound by natural law; He is free to act in other ways if He so chooses if He created everything, then He owns everything (especially you). The Bible records a number of occasions where G-d has acted in a seemingly unusual way to accomplish an extraordinary purpose.

See, Jesus (G-d incarnate) made wine out of grapes that never existed! It missed all that time! Instead of going from the water in the ground, through the plant, into the grapes, squeeze it, make the wine, now drink it; no, Jesus turned the water STRAIGHT TO wine! What happened to all the intermediate steps? G-d can bypass all that! He doesnt need any of that! So it BECAUSE of the supernatural that supernatural events occurred in Biblical history.

The Virgin Birth itself was a supernatural event; it cannot be explained within the context of known natural laws. For that matter, G-d has previously used apparently supernatural signs in the heavens as a guide. In Exodus 13:21, G-d guided the Israelites by a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. It should not be surprising that a supernatural sign in the heavens would accompany the wise men to the birth of Jesus (G-d incarnate).
It can be deceitful and dangerous to always look for naturalistic explanations for clearly supernatural occurrences (no offense)!

G-d cannot be disproven with statistics.
No matter how earth was made, G-d could still have made it.
People have a hard time accepting the fact that the term "G-d" refers to an unlimited being. A being not confined to physical properties such that we could detect and prove His existence.
G-d never intended to make Himself provable by logic, otherwise people would force themselves to accept the facts instead of believing in Him by faith, which is what He wants.

God doesn't need our faith for Him to exist, but He wants us to have faith in Him. Why? - It is a key part of the type of relationship G-d wants to have with each of us.
It is true that if He did show Himself, Faith would not be needed. Of course, then everyone would probably submit to His will out of simply incredible fear that He might poof them out of existence.
He may even exist, whether we have Faith or not.

And I can give you confirmation (not "proof" - that would be putting it ABOVE G-d's Word) but CONFIRMATION that supernatural events HAVE been occurring in different parts of the world all the time!

~ Josiah-David ~

PS: Friend, nobody's forcing anything on you. Following Jesus Christ is a decision you've got to make for yourself. You may not WANT to accept Him, 'cause He'll change your life - you'll never be the same. I do hope one day you'll realize how much he loves you.
- Okay... so I would say some things back to her... but I wanted to see if any of you had any better ideas?

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The whole "chance" arugment is completely misguided. Selection is not random. period.

Selection is like a sieve. That rocks remain and the sand passes through is not random. What gets poured in may be random, but what is left surely is not.

Evolution is just like a sieve. Mutations may be random and provide the input for selection, but the output of the process is not random or left to chance.

The Columbine killers came from very religous households.

Evolution is not an ideology. It is observable fact.
My response to this girl:
A few basic questions:
1. Did you take biology at a public high school or college and did you pay attention?
2. How many books on evolution written by biologists have you read?
3. Have you seen the "Wedge Document?" - written by leaders of the Discovery Institute?
4. Do you know what the Discovery Institute is?
5. Have you read the origin of species?
6. What could I say that would help you to better understand evolutionary science? - I was a general biology major for two years until I switched to psychology with a concentration in evolutionary and cognitive psychology.
7. Did you know that you don't have to argue what creationism is? It is quite simple to find that out... read the book of Genesis?
8. Did you know that the vast majority of evolution believers believe in God? - it is called [by people who study evolution] Evolutionary Creationism or Theistic Evolution?
9. Did you know that Evolution has nothing to say about the existence of a God? It only sheds doubt upon the book of Genesis, which originated in the recently rediscovered ancient Sumerian text called "The Epic of Gigamesh?" Did you know that the story of the Garden of Eden did not start with Jews or Christians, did not start with the old testament, but rather as a legend of ancient history passed down by word of mouth in the ancient world?
6. Did you know that the old testament had 4 distinct yet anonymous authors, the early of which published his books in the time of King Solomon?
7. Did you know that the oldest of the gospels of the new testament [Mark] was published 60 years after the death of Christ by someone who never knew him?
8. Did you know that while gene mutations are indeed random chance, natural selection is not at all? That if genes are the plants that grow in a garden, then natural selection is the gardener who weeds out the ones that "don't work" in the current environment?
9. Did you know that the original Jewish name for God YHWH was forbidden to be spoken by anyone but the Jewish priests? Did you know that this Hebrew word has no real pronounciation outside of it's Jewish roots? Did you know that in order to appease the Jewish priests who were outraged by the idea of writing the greek version of the old testament with the original name of god, they changed this name to "Jehovah" which was Greek for "the Lord?"
10. Did you know that "Christ" was not Jesus' name, but rather a title put onto his real name by his early disciples to honor him. "Christ" meant one of two things, either "teacher" or "messiah." It originated from the Latin word "Christus."

Just a few thoughts for you... if you have answers to any of these questions, please send an email back.
PS... this girl [I think it's a girl] talks as if I've ever heard, talked to or seen her before... I haven't. And she speaks as if I've already argued for evolution in a youtube video or on my channel... I haven't.
So, was this email even meant for me? IDK... she's confusing.
You, madam, are either ignorant, or an idiot.
Me or her?
I wouldn't call myself ignorant. lol
Her, Skycomet, her! Sheesh!
I was kidding. lol
Of course it's her! She's a ding-bat!
What I find eerie is that she bolsters her arguments with fairly reasonable logic if her premises were correct, which they aren't; so in that sense she is ignorant of the truth, but it's almost a calculated ignorance, and she chooses to ignore the facts she doesn't agree with.
Definition of Creationists is that they ignore facts they don't like. lol

Ah, yes! It is so clear to me now.
There is a app for that - tl:dr


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