I believe it was about the first time i ran into a person who sat down and had a conversation about god with me. It started because science came into the picture and subject came around. I am okay with everything but it started to bug me. Because when i said well I'm into science and religion the guy stopped and said "You believe in something don't you?" When i said i don't know it was like he feared the word "Atheist" Now this guys nice i got nothing agents him. But why does the bible scare everyone if they think there god is so loving then why would they be worried about you burning in hell? And i gotta ask when someone says that god had to Perfected the money's if that theory was true. Then what do you say to that? it sounds kinda bogus to me but i wasn't starting a meaningless fight with something that was my mistake to bring up.

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Thats not the fear of your friend, that's the fear of his preacher or spiritual guide.  They get their heads filled with all manner of non sense about us heathens.  Its not so bad, easy to de bunk, all you have to do is not sacrifice a goat in front of him and drink the blood.  Also, try not to say 'hail satin' or anything to that effect and keep the pentagram tattoos to a absolute minimum.

He's a teacher of mine the topic of science just came around not a friend, But im not going to be a jerk and say that to anyone. You sound a little frustrated with the thought of a guy like this. But honestly if he wanted to know i would tell him and i would simply say what i thought. I'm not scared of people and being he is a believer bothers me none. But talking to someone like that when you are agnostic is nice because i see both sides of veiws on religion.

He might grade things differently if he doesn't approve of you.

But to them its simply what they believe, Yes he would grade things differently but they think if your a good person you can still be saved. So even with that they are kinda giving a rise to a interesting argument. Not to say i agree i don't. but im assuming this because my aunt is like that.

There are so many different sects of xtianity...how do you know he and your aunt share the same beliefs?

Who and my aunt? ?? im lost

lol, sorry, not frustrated, just going for the comic effect in that comment, not to effectively it seems :P The point was only that when many religious types think of atheists, they relate them to the idea of 'evil'

I'm unsure if he believed it was evil but i think he saw it as not good to not believe.

But no big deal :) i do agree that he thought something was wrong with it though ill say that. and its okay i understand.

yea, i think it comes with belief, lack of belief is bad, maybe not 'evil' but they'd like to see you 'fixed' at least that's my experience anyway.

I do agree i notice a lot of them are happy if you have another religion but not happy if that religion isn't their own. I am wiccan i am also agnostic on the "GODS and goddess" i basically believe in earth energy and stuff but not anything to deep. I gotta say i don't think its on just atheism i notice this everywhere. but u got a good point.


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