Did you all see this?


A young boy "fell" into a zoo exhibit with a 17 year old (endangered) silver back gorilla.

The zoo had to put him down to save the child's life.

Many MANY people are outraged by this. I wonder what they would have said if the boy had been killed instead?

People are saying things like "it was not necessary" and "the mom should be criminally charged"...

Not many people are talking about the health safety and wellbeing of the child who just experienced something likely very traumatic. No one is talking about the child. They are talking about the gorilla.

What do you think? Did the zoo do the right thing? Should they have done something different?

I think they saved the boy's life. You don't need to be an animal expert to know that while he was "protecting" the boy, his mere strength could have injured him if not killed him.

Is our society just going crazy? Why is everyone up in a frenzy about the gorilla instead of thanking them for saving the boy's life?

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The gun nut says, " blow its head off". What a surprise.

This appears to be a reply to my comment that is (presently) at the bottom of the preceding page.  As I go back and read it, nowhere did I use "blow its head off."  In fact, the word "blow" by itself appears nowhere on that page, not in my comment nor anyone else's.  It appears on THIS page only in your misquotation and this edit window (as I have typed it twice at the present moment).

Of course, you're engaging in a bit of an attempt to poison the well by labeling me (or whomever you intended to reply to) as a "gun nut" before you make up words and put them into peoples' mouths.  Now before you make a counterclaim against me, I did assert you were full of shit, but all you've done is continue to add evidence of that.  You're ignorant on the topic and now are having to make shit up to counter-argue.

I know that at one point you refused to discuss gun=related things with me because it was impossible to have a rational discussion.  Should you ever actually decide you wish to do so, and will make the effort to be rational, the door is still open.

As you intimated, your unnecessary "full of shit" slur triggered the first insult that came to mind. I'll take more time to consider in future. Just because our opinions differ doesn't mean we need to automatically revert to attack mode.

Thanks, Mike. On that note I shall cancel my appointment to see a psychiatrist on Unseen's assessment. 

Where is that smiley face?

Jeff Corwin, an American animal and nature conservationist, known as host and executive producer of the Animal Planet cable channel television programs The Jeff Corwin Experience and Corwin's Quest.

Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. He was Director of the zoo from 1973 to 1993, and is viewed as largely responsible for elevating its quality and reputation. His media appearances, particularly with Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and Maury Povich have made him one of the most notable animal experts in the United States.

I did not hear any analysis from Corwin.

The other guy makes a point. It might not go well if the gorilla is holding the kid when he is shot with the tranquilizer so you would need separation beforehand.

What we really need is temporal 'freeze-frame' so we could freeze time, stand around debating, get some close-up videos to see exactly what was occurring from all angles, get a few experts to levy an opinion, canvas all those interested parties in the area, review historic footage of previous gorilla/child encounters, have as many people as possible involved in expressing opinions on social media platforms, and then reach a consensus as to what the most productive course of action might be.


You just laid out what's wrong with judges or juries second-guessing police shootings. They get as much time as they need to make their decision of guilt/innocence while the cop had to make the decision in an instant.

But that doesn't account for the gorilla's free will. (Sorry. Jokes don't do well around here these days.)

If I fell in I would just try to ignore the 400lb gorilla in the moat.

It looks like the Corwin video was disabled on Youtube, probably due to copyright considerations. Here it is at the original source.


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