The recent small plane crash in Kentucky once again shows the ignorance of people.

So many on TV have declared the survival of the 7 year old girl as a miracle.  I ask---Where was the miracle for the girl's parents, sister and cousin?  Did they not deserve a miracle too?

One person interviewed claimed that the little girl's survival was due to a guardian angel---really??  Where were her parent's guardian angel?  Her sister's?  Her cousin's?

The ignorance of these morons cant be overstated

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Yes, it's irritating that the same banalities are trotted out every time something like this happens. People just don't have the slightest idea of how to apply probability mathematics to real life. They think that a seven year old girl surviving a plane crash is an unusual event. They are correct. It seems such an unusual event that it must be due to some higher power. They are incorrect. If there was a plane crash every day for the next year and every time a young girl was spared and everyone else died then it may be valid to question the likelihood of this occurring by chance.

However here, as usual, we have hindsight coupled with positive bias. As the OP points out, what about the rest of the family? Because they died, which was the expected outcome, they, along with everyone else who has ever died in a plane crash, are ignored in terms of numbers. Instead the focus becomes on a single person in a single event and is extrapolated to a miracle. Hopeless.

The miracle was the amount of painstaking hours that went into emergency landing training and the millions of man hours and dollars that went into research and crafting of airplane safety features. No doubt at least one person on the plane survived because of it. That is the incredible miracle. That is who everyone should thank. invisible man in the sky who orphaned a child is also an option.


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