If you could own a country of your own, what would you do differently than any other country? And what would your ideal country be like?

Would you allow any religion at all? Military? Would you consider not having any ties to certain countries that are overly religions or would, well, basically, stick their noses into your countries business?

What kind of people would you want to inhabit this country? I know this sounds like a ludicrous idea, to have your own country, but I believe anything is possible. If we are to have a more peaceful existence on this planet, what can any of do to change the ways of thinking of others?  Is it even possible?

I will be truly and honestly admit that I am a prejudice person. Not against race or gender, but religion. Do I believe all religions are bad? No. Only Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The worse ones on this planet. And to be blunt, I would not allow any of these religions to practice in any country that I would own. I do question the behavior of Buddhism. Sometimes they push the buttons a bit.

Just wondering about what others would think about this topic. I appreciate any comments, pro or con as to what you think about this. Owning your own country. What would it be like?

Please try not to attack others because they do not believe the way you do. Ideas are to be shared with open minds so we can all grow and learn.

Thanks and have a great day. Or night, whichever period of time you enjoy.

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Oops....I didn't have my glasses on...this is totally my fault. I really thought that said Palestinian. I'd better find my glasses. Seems I owe him an apology and a place of pasta served on a flying saucer.

Thanks for pointing that out Belle. I will now eat some crow. :))

Levity is not always appreciated. :^ )

Oops...sorry Ed...I send you my apologies. I am now wearing my glasses and humbly admit to my reading error.

A big plate of spaghetti for you. On me, of course. :))


I think I can speak for everyone that that was hilarious, and I know Ed well enough to say he too will probably laugh his ass off at this.

Don't sweat it Quincy, we won't throw you into the lake of fiery marinara, lol

LOL....you are fee to do so...just make sure there is plenty garlic and onion. :)

I once thought about buying the Island of Montserrat.

I'd have turned it into an international banking concern to fund my lavish lifestyle and bohemian pleasures.

What kind of bohemian pleasure?

If you were a member of the Montserrat Bohemian Pleasure Club you would know.

Would you like to join?

I must warn you the membership fees are quite steep. :)

Sure, why not. You only live once. I'll join anything that involves a great deal of heavy breathing.


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