The Mars rover Curiosity has discovered organic compounds on Mars. The evidence may be a sign of extraterrestrial life but does not yet support any conclusions. But for the sake of this discussion, assume that microbial life is about to be discovered on Mars.

1. How important is such a discovery? Will most folks see this as a big deal?

2. How does it change the conversation between atheists and religious apologists?

3. What are the implications for science and reason, theology and dogma, and the word of "holy" books?

4. Would we see Martian Life Deniers join the ranks of Evolution Deniers, Climate Change Deniers, and Holocaust Deniers?

I'm curious to hear the thoughts of the Think Atheist community.

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1. finding life on Mars would be amazing and a big deal.

2. I cant see how it would change religious views, dinosaur boned didn't do it, cant see how that would.

3. again, i cant see much change between science and religion, though i would hope that it would boost funding in space programmes.

4. yup, i think many people would be in dis belief while others would attempt to further mould their ever more incompatible beliefe structure around it.

On a side note, based on what I have learnt from looking into the topic, I think that if evidence of life was found on Mars It would be more of a surprise to find that its life wasn't related to ours on earth.  

It would more likely be that our early life came from there or vice versa, rather than it coming from outside the solar system or evolving seperatly on its own on a younger Mars with no cross contamination from earth.


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