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Actually, the worldwide Jewish community shows remarkable genetic similarity, and is fairly distinct from most modern Arabic peoples.   See

OK so Jews at the time might not have been as dark as Muslims but they sure  don't look nothin like the guy hangin out on church walls. I think that by changing his appearance Christians have pushed the need for their spiritual leader to look like them. All religion is demographic.

Thank You for not quoting a wiki article this time

My header was that most scholars- and I have spoken to several-secular- over the years- all agree Jesus existed.

This is a fact. Now I have many posts, etc.,that say Jesus did not exist as an historical personage and again, as I said in my header these are axe grinding agenda driven amateurs /conspiracy(did not mention this class) adherents, and are out of main stream scholarship. That's all I stated and in come posters mentioning Jews- genetics, and I don't believe Jesus was a deity, etc., and even doubts that Nazareth existed in the first century!

Again, my premise was did Jesus exist as per modern scholars- not all of these other subjects borne of ADD I guess. And, it's like being surrounded and hit and jumped on from every side here! It would help to stick to my premise.

I hear  posters affirming 'all scientists' believe in evolution, Big Bang ,etc.,etc., as their proof, well; I have modern scholars affirm that same thing relative to the historicity of Jesus.


My good privilege to post  here though.

If you had posted some actual content in the original post, rather than a title and a link, you might have got some replies that were more tailored to your perspective.  With a random title and a single link to lead the way, it is hardly surprising that the responses here are wide-ranging.

It is not FACT that Jesus existed.  At best, it is a probability, based on unconfirmed writings of tribal histories that had been handed down by word of mouth.  It is entirely possible that he was in fact a combination of several different people, merged into one tale. 

It is not possible to deny that he existed, nor is it possible to assert his existence as fact, based on the information currently available.  The needle on the dial falls somewhere between the two.

I knew what your premise was.  I was wondering why you were stating it.  Whether or not Jesus existed is irrelevant.... Oh, squirrels!

Dr. Howie, am I detecting just the slightest hint of pomposity?


Pomposity? And I get javelins from your like- minded  bros?



Where do "squirrels" come into a legitimate historic question/issue? Where? Are you personalizing me? Who cares. This is not 1st grade. Or are you an intelligent being that just focuses on a much discussed question? If you don't care then don't emote using little trite barbs.

I have not seen one smart answer yet; and yet I read over and over Jesus did not exist in a legion of posts.

It is relevant as it is an historical quest. I have  read so many posts by arm chair history quacks claiming Jesus did not exist !!! That was the topic-not miracles(matt!ADD is rampant today), etc.. He is world famous; tens of thousands of books have been written about Him; and millions gave their lives for Him. Billions know about Him and a large percentage of the worlds population revere Him. Respectfully, whether you like that or not or you agree in any way (which you have very right to do as I do in affirming)it is a fact. Again, His past existence is the discussion and I have not read where that's refuted just diversionary end runs.

Scholars are and will continue to be interested in anything about Him.

Is all you are saying, that Jesus existed?  Is that the entire purpose of this thread?  Simply for you to assert that Jesus existed and that this is a fact?  What are you looking for by way of a discussion?

It could be one of those theist Trojan horses, where they try to get you to agree with seemingly innocuous "Premise A," before they hit you with "Premise B," which states that if "Premise A" is correct, then "Premise C" must be as well.

I just checked his profile.  Christian.  I think you're possibly right, Arch.

Once in a while, it happens.

Yes, but he is a True one.


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