This girl and I went on a date tonight, I just got back home, and we were sitting around, getting ready to go swimming. I was listening to the girl I was with and her sister talk when they asked me "so are you religious". I answered "No" then the girl I was with said "Aw, really?" after she said that, her sister said "There is a difference between being religious and believing. Do you believe?" I answered "I do believe, I believe that we, the human race, created god in our image. Not god creating us in his image." They starred at me for a while and just said "Well lets just not talk about this, lets go swimming." I said back "Yeah, its a subject to avoid anyway....worse than politics." After that it was an easy going night overall.


This girl is really attractive and I would like to get to know her more and possibly getting something going, but I fear this ruined it. What should I do? I know I should stay true to who I am, and I clearly did, but I want this girl to see me for who I am, not for what I believe in. Any advice/tips?

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Its ok man, it helped answer some questions I had. But thats what Im doing now, we are talking via text, and I told her than I dont care what she believes in, I just want to get to know her because she is funny, easy going, and just fun to be around. And that I hope that this doesnt factor in when and if we decide to go further than the friendship stage.

I've had a couple guys want to date me, etc... but told me they would never marry me because I'm not Christian. Would I want to marry someone that wanted to raise our children Christian? Absolutely not. Would I want to be with someone who actually wants to live his life by the bible? NO! But at least I would be open minded enough to see where it went. It was really a slap in the face, so I can see how you must of felt.


In my experience, people who are religious are not open minded, and basically have no tolerance for those who aren't. My advice is that if she ends up  being open minded enough to see where the relationship could go regardless of who believes in what, and you still want to, you should. 


But then, there's the question of how far can a relationship go if you two don't have the same beliefs? Do you know anyone who is religious who has a partner that isn't?


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