It came from FACEBOOK! Crazy things your friends have posted on Facebook about faith that drive you nuts.

So I'm sure we all have Facebook friends that post crazy, amusing, disturbing things about god. So what are the worst or most amusing things that you have seen? That and do you ever respond to these posts or just ignore them or even just delete people from your friends list? Furthermore how have other people reacted to your own posts about Atheism or subjects that might go against the faith of friends or family?

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A friend of mine posted how her biopsy came back negative & someone posted "I'm glad that prayer worked for you".  *facepalm*

My mother posts things about how she prayed hard on a financial situation and just because she coincidentally got thru it for the time being... Well, u kno. I just roll my eyes and move on.

Hey the times when god doesn't answer our prayers is because he is busy with all the pro athletes...

...or they're judging the CMT awards.

We recently got into a debate with a xian pro lifer on MS's recent Prop 26.  After stating we supported the right for choice, rather than removing the choice and allowing for only one option under the law, we asked them if they could look into the eyes of an 11 year old who was the victim of incenstrial rape and tell them they have no choice but to have the child, they responded with: "As for your question "Could you look into her horrified eyes and explain that it doesn't matter her age, rape, trauma, or the genetic deformities of the child she will be forced by the government to endure this horror?" Yes, I can. This may be shocking to you that "someone could think this." The fact remains that we believe in what we believe in. Could YOU look into the face of a 3 or 4 year old and tell it that you're going to kill it now because their mother doesn't want them anymore? This is the same to us."


Yeeaaahhhh. /facepalm


Most of our atheist posts we notice are ignored, followed by a flurry of pro-christian posts by other FBers.  When I have replied to a pro-christian post... no one will say anything back.  Most people are so use to the religious immunity and instant plethora of "likes" when they post anything religious, that i think they are dumbfounded when a logical argument dissects and destroys their post.  I do occasionally debate, but I would rather not on FB.  Social network debates are worse than giving yourself root canals with a crude stone chisel and broken mirror while listening to the cry's of 100 hungry wet cats.

while listening to the cry's of 100 hungry wet cats.

THE HORROR!....the horror......

LOL, Nate! I so agree! And I've noticed that, too. People tend to post more Christian crap and right wing political crap after a few of my posts. What's so satisfying, though, is that thanks to TA, I have a few atheists friends on my facebook...and welcome more, btw!....that I get a few "likes" on my posts and great comments. Makes me feel great that these so-called loving Christians can see I'm not the only one by far. And most of my posts are about human rights for all, healthcare for everyone a fair shake...while they seem to show over and over again how very bigoted and prejudice they really are...yet they don't even see it.

Yeah I've noticed in most cases a lack of responses from believers or very hateful you are going to hell blah blah comments. It's only every once and while I get someone that takes time to really talk about it.  

The posts regarding Prop 26 were intense. I asked a similar question and got the response that rape and incest were irrelevant. I also mentioned that if abortions were illegal, it would just increase the number of unsafe abortions. Didn't get a response to that. Christians were doing a good job fighting amongst themselves too:

Real Christians believe the Bible. The Bible teaches that life begins at Conception. I don't see how somebody can believe that somebody has the right to kill somebody for no reason if they truly are a Christian. Not everybody that calls themselves a Christian truly is one. Going to church and reading the Bible doesn't make anybody a Christian. When one becomes a Christian, they enter into a relationship with God wherein His Holy Spirit indwells that person. How can somebody in that situation believe that it is ok for somebody to murder somebody? Seeing babies ripped apart, burned alive, etc. inside the womb, and then also seeing them born all except their head and having their brains sucked out totally sickens me. It has arms, legs, eyes, nose, ears, feet, fingers, toes, hands, and everything else that a baby has until it is ripped apart and its skull crushed. It is a baby. It is a life. And abortion is murder.

I have some creationist friends on Facebook. They used to argue about fossils and the like (Neanderthals and horses were two long-running back-and-forths), but they have stopped, now. Maybe I just don't post anything "controversial" enough anymore!

The crazy stuff I see now is the usual 'thank you everyone for praying for me. My back is a lot better now'...and then I hear from the guy's son-in-law that he's also been taking prescribed medicines for it...

I was recently approached out of the blue on FB by a muslim, who sent me a message, saying "[...], & i`m willing to answer any doubt you have in mind about islam (by the will of god)". So I did. I dug up a few things and gave a pageful of questions. (For instance he had said that "it doesn`t prevent you from doing your usual things, on the contrary, it does encourage you to keep practicing them", so I asked about alcohol and if it would have applied had I been a homosexual...). I think I overwhelmed him. But of course got the "You have sinned understanding of the Koran" reply. He was, up until yesterday, still discussing the "have placed a veil over the hearts lest they should understand" quote with me...will see how it develops.

I closed down my Facebook account. Problem solved. I have the email addresses of everyone I really care about anyways. 

I love the updates I see like this:

I know the love of Jesus in my heart, he has touched my life to make me a better person... Amen

Followed by this post:

I got faded last night and that slut tried to take my man... bitch has got to be crazy



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