ISIS does the worst yet with still worse to come...

ISIS has been holding a Jordanian pilot it captured and demanding a ransom. Jordan simply asked for proof of life. Well, they just got it, in a way. ISIS put out a video of them burning the pilot alive.

My concern is that worse is yet to come.

For example, instead of burning or beheading a hostage, they could put out videos of them performing unspeakable tortures on a hostage, bit by bit. Cutting a finger off in a video and demanding a million $. They don't get it? Cut two fingers off while demainding $5 million. They don't get it? Cut his arm off while demanding $20 million.

There is still plenty of worse ground for them to cover and I'm surprised they haven't started doing it.

Wherever there's a will there's a way, and they have certainly showed the will.

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ISIS seems to cater to the blood lust of angry young men with swords,  encouraged by a ''religion'' which advises the ''faithful'' to murder ''infidels'' ''wherever you find them.''  It promises a joyous life in a heaven filled with sex and the approval of their deity.

I'm afraid this will go on for a very long time.  Erasing them will only feed more hatred and anger.  

Until the entire Muslim community stands up and eradicates them, this won't stop. 

I think you are correct.  Barbarism knows no limits.


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