My mother claims there is that they found a man with the name Jesus and there is i wittiness something in me is telling me she is mistaken. So i ask you is there proof that god or Jesus has ever existed?

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Yeshu'a (Joshua) was a very popular name back then. "Jesus" is basically the name Joshua, after being translated and retranslated from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English. The historian Josephus mentions at least 14 different Jesus'es in his works. That someone may have found something with the name Jesus or Yeshu'a on it is no surprise. It'd be like finding a headstone today with the name "Michael" on it.

It is also very likely that the 3 main references to the Christian Jesus in the works of Josephus were inserted into his dialogue long after it was written. Sorry I can’t find my source for that to hand.

There is no proof of any god ever existing. They are a construct of the human mind.

Where did they ever find the bible? Now that may be more interesting to study along with how the hell people think theres proof. I am still kinda lost on that....

Very unlikely.  They didn't have Wikipedia back then, and all stories, texts, and accounts were heavily scrutinized.  Especially in that age. 


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