My mother claims there is that they found a man with the name Jesus and there is i wittiness something in me is telling me she is mistaken. So i ask you is there proof that god or Jesus has ever existed?

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What do you mean by "found a man with the name Jesus?"  Found him where?  There's plenty of people with the name Jesus.

Apparently found records or something about a man named Jesus and something about there being witness apparently they found this on a science channel. I doubt it and i think she mistaked something or just misunderstood.

If there were proof this site would not be here.

Well you don't have to be rude...? :l

How was I rude? I just stated a fact.

I at times assume i tend to have trouble like others understanding text as good or bad.

Yes there is a Jesus, when I was growing up he lived behind me, we went to the same high school.  His last name was Areal and we called him Jessy. (FACT)

All of the doG characters created by people throughout recorded history are just mythology.

:D lol

I would argue even still.  There is more evidence and proof that all verifiable facts presented in the Bible are yet to be disproved with insurmountable sources, yet they are dismissed for one reason or another.  Yet the amount of proof that we have that Alexander the Great was a real person is a tiny fraction of the evidence compared to that for the Bible and we don't question his existence or conquests at all. 

It's an odd question. Among the religious god is considered eternal and everlasting, no beginning, no end. He has never existed in the sense of suddenly coming into fruition and then disappearing. As to the central figure in the christian religion there is scant verifiable evidence to the historicity of the man-god Jesus. He may of actually existed but whether he turned water instantaneously into wine or walked upon the sea unaided is a matter of conjecture.

I would be more concerned with discovering evidence, outside of a bronze age book, that supports the present day acceptance of a supernatural being. If there is a god(s) then he/she/it has a lot of difficult questions to answer about their absurd behavior towards the human race. 

That just made me wonder do you think what some people consider to be god is just space its self? like nothing more nothing less. (like a way to say there is god when there isn't its just space)

Please see my reply to Gallup's Mirror above...


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