Im gonna be honest, though I feel embarrassed by admitting this, I had never heard of Christopher Hitchens before his death. And now, all Ive been doing since, is watching his amazing debates on youtube. He is an inspiration. There needs to be more people in the world like this. His knowledge on just about everything he spoke of was just flawless, he really has opened my eyes to much much more. And yes I can forgive him on his views of the Iraq war. He was only voicing his opinion which he has the right.

I consider Stephen Fry to be an amazing speaker also, but what other people in this world (if possible) can compete with Hitches' verocity and intelligence when talking about religion, and its destruction to the human civilization.

Sorry if anyone finds this question a little retarded but Im just trying to educate myself on figures within our society, that actually have a good point to make about how religion is killing us slowly rather than making us stronger.

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I doubt anyone will ever replace Hitch, the way he systematically destroys any argument put to him in favour of religion is something I doubt I will be priveleged enough to see done as well again in my lifetime. Fry has his rants (hilariously accurate usually!) but he is no debater...not at all detracting from his brilliance in saying that. If I could I'd adopt Fry as my Uncle and spend many many afternoons sipping tea and talking to him about a million different things all of which have no real consequence!!!!

Dawkins is in the same ball park but not in the same league as Hitch, unfortunately he can come across as rather condescending and patronising...and a little elitist!!! Having said that, I've seen him destroy every stupid question put to him about religiosity.

Perhaps Penn Jillette will step up and start "doing the Hitch"....I've never seen anyone explode with calculated vitriol in quite the same way as he does....and it usually results in me laughing so hard that a bit of wee comes out!!!!

There's no one like Hitch, but there are still some other awesome atheist/skeptic speakers out there: Neil Degrasse Tyson (my favorite), Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins (of course), Aron Ra, Matt Dillahunty, Penn Jillette, and probably a bunch of others I haven't heard about yet.

Hitch was awesome, but I think Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins are equally awesome in their own way.  I always found Sam to be easier to listen to and follow because his language was more "down to earth" and in my league, yet so powerful.  In my opinion, his ability to dismantle bullshit religious arguments were unparalleled. I always loved Hitch, but sometimes I felt lost in a fog of highbrow language delivered at a blistering pace.

I agree with everyone here that Hitchens was a singular force of nature. I'd like to suggest Dromedary Hump of the Atheist Camel blog he can be accessed at he has written two great books where he takes on religion with gusto. 

Christopher Hitchens was one of the most unique human beings in existence. That said there will truly never be anyone equal in caliber. However, there are others out there that somewhat fill that now gaping hole of intelligence and wit he has left behind.

Richard Dawkins

Daniel Dennett

Sam Harris

James Randi

Neil Tyson

Steven Weinberg

Matt Dillahunty (he hosts a show called Atheist Experience)

I could list more but I'm sure you'll find them if you look.

You reminded me of the first time I ever heard of Hitchens.  I think I was on YouTube for about three hours and another three after I read "God Is Not Great" the next day.

If you like history and biographies he also wrote books on some of our founding fathers.

Im hoping Santa will bring me the book for christmas. Im not counting on it though. :)

There are many more amazing atheists out there with their own style but when it comes to debates, Hitch was one of a kind.  The chances of their being another Hitch among us is slim but I certainly hope there is another one in my lifetime. Hitchen's has inspired me to voice my anti-theist beliefs without the fear of being called arrogant.  If I ever find another one like him, I will cherish every moment of it more than I did when Hitchen's was alive.

I totally agree. And watching his debates does help you build up reasoning for your own debates so telling a catholic he is a dumbass is much easier! Hooray!


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