I recently heard this compelling argument for the existence of god and want to know what you all think about it. The argument goes like this:

If there is no god and the world is an accident, if everything about people, including what they think and feel, is just the chance combination of molecules and is explained in terms of chemistry and physical laws, why be rational? On the basis of atheism, weeds grow because they are weeds and minds do just whatever they do. People act like they are free to think about different kinds of ideas and then choose the best one. On the basis of atheism, that's impossible. Our minds are just a bunch of atoms vibrating and will do whatever they have been programmed to do. If there is no god and the physical world is all there is, there is no logical basis for logic. But people, including atheists, do trust reason and logic even though they have no reason to assume that it works.

Any input you have is appreciated. 

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Apes have a very good understanding too of physical logic, which is why they're good with tools.  Those were the proto-logical skills that are the raw material for the sophisticated human version. 

People have probably seen this by now:  orang utan has an understanding of physical logic. 


Whereas humans are still killing each other over disagreements on what will happen after they die.

They sure are, and they have feelings and personalities as well, and enjoy playing, and, yes, doing it all over the place any which way they can, gay, everything.  They say if you keep a turtle in a tank, put a ball or other toy in the tank to give it something to do. 

When you keep a dog or (especially) a cat in a home while you are away at work all day, it's a kind of sensory deprivation. They need play time to have rich lives.

This is pretty important. If you have a broad principle that animals come before inanimate objects...then you very likely care about the suffering and the "limited autonomy" of the animal. Leaving a single dog alone for 10 hours in a house with minimal diversion isn't exactly showing a clear understanding of what is suffering and "limited autonomy" for a dog. Dog over painting yes...dog's suffering vs. convenience...maybe not.

Gregg, if you're about to rickroll me here...

Reason is a byproduct of maturation, learning and experience ---- parents, peer pressure, teachers, etc. all contribute to how and why  we "reason, think, and believe" as  individuals.   A god would have the opportunity to intervene at anytime in this process to direct or directly influence what we as individuals think or feel.

Atoms and molecules are the physical properties that construct our worlds and the elements contained in those worlds ---- "reason is not a physical element" and it's basis lies in experience and learning of the individual. 


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