Just a quick and easy question for you heathens this morning:

Do you believe that this new age of being "politically correct" is helping us? Is it making us think harder about ways we may inadvertently hurt those around us?

Or is it turning us into a bunch of people who are becoming too sensitive? Just curious.

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You heathens? Are you excluding yourself?


Not sure what you mean about the "P.C Age" when we have a violent, brash, megalomaniac as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, lol....seems to me like we are anything but....

Ever heard of Stewart Lee on the subject?

I have not but I'll be sure to check it out as soon as possible.

I really like your Sunday School blog. Very informative. I liked the one about reading being a form of brainwashing.

Keep up the good work and I apologize for the dissension on my last post.

No problem. Glad to know you are not "a softie" :-)

Man after everything I've seen and heard from people, I'm not even worried about anything someone can say or type.

Here's my philosophy on that.
It's nothing but a vibration of vocal chords or tapping on little plastic keys. As long as it doesn't REALLY affect me or the ones I care for (like basic rights being stripped or my gay friends being persecuted) I'm not rattled by it.

Depends what you mean by politically correct. If you mean the offended by default brigade currently seen in US collages, then I say: hurting.

If you mean, avoiding being prejudiced against people for things they can't control and for no good reason, then I say: helping.

That's how I feel about it as well.

Take the protesters at Trump's rallies. The ones who claim to be pro-Sanders. 

I'm trying to decide if they are political idiots or what. 

Trump is actually right in saying that you don't see his supporters interfering with Sanders' of Clinton's free speech right. Yes, the protesters have free speech rights, too, but is it a valid use of one's free speech rights to prevent someone else from speaking? 

I was actually a bit disappointed in how Sanders responded to Trump's accusation, which was mostly true, that pro-Sanders protesters came to his rallies to keep him from speaking. The response was basically to excuse them because they had become inflamed and infuriated by Trump's racist and jingoistic rhetoric.

Tacit approval in other words.

I would rather Sanders had stood up for free speech and said something like "Your anger is very justified but interfering with Trump's free speech rights is not something I can support, and in case you hadn't noticed he turns it to his advantage anyway. So, my friends, if you really want to help me and not Donald Trump, do your protesting outside his rally venues and, above all, do so peacefully. In other words, help me and not Trump. Also, if you're interested in defeating Mr. Trump, how about going to your nearest Bernie Sanders campaign location and asking how you can help."

That would make far too much sense.

Too many people way off on that end of the spectrum want to force their views on everyone (and this is true on the far right as well). An indication, to me, that they realize most people don't want what their selling and have to be intimidated into acquiescence.

Oops...I thought this was about computers.


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