Is it wrong for me to be offended at other peoples offence when I say my beliefs and others get offended by them?

First off I'm new here and this is my first forum post.

That being said check this out. Last Tuesday I'm ordering a sub from Subway from this very nice Muslim lady I order from all the time who always tells me about her son and how she loves him (great lady really). I ask for a Subway Melt and she mentions that she can't eat most of the meat that's on the sub. I then ask her "why?" and she responds with "because of her religion".

So my inquisitiveness steps in and I ask her if she can explain the reasoning behind that.

This is what she says: "Well you see pork makes people more sexual, that is why in my country people don't have sex before marriage or do gay things."

I couldn't help but respond with "Are you sure because I bet it's more a long the lines of this; A long time ago people would get sick from eating pork because they wouldn't cook it properly so they made it part of you're religion in order to keep the population healthy."

Then I go back in yesterday (Subway melt is a Tuesday special) and she can't even look me in the eye anymore. I'm offended by her offense and really don't appreciate how she can tell me what she thinks but when I say otherwise she gets all crazy like.

That's that what do you think?

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While I agree with the general sentiment that we need not revere nor respect religious beliefs,I have to stress again that the ordering line of a Subway sandwich shop is not typically a good place to do it.  Especially if you must provoke the person into justifying their beliefs because, as far as I can tell, she was not trying to push or proselytize onto anyone. 

I'm more put off by the fact that she said, "in my country..." I thought she was living in America. 

Maybe it isn't her country.

Gotta chuckle on that one....

the real question is y do u even care if a woman at subway is upset with you or not. if u care that much tell her u r sorry if u offended her and be cool with the muslim subway woman again lol

Get used to it. For me it's seems to be as normal as drinking coffee... and I drink a lot of coffee.Best thing you can do is view your situation and judge rather or not that is a good place to debate someone. A friend of mine would disagree though, last week he said that debating the ignorant should be anywhere and everywhere your willing to risk losing a friend, family member or potential friend. Jokingly I asked him, "what if its at a urinal". He laughed and said "some of my best debates have been at a urinal".

It comes down to what your willing to risk and not risk.


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