Is it considered "cool" nowadays to be an atheist or antitheist?

Just what the title says. What do you observe?

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"especially elders who often say to me, "These modern kids don't believe in anything!"

From the lips of an old fart: I can tell you that it's much more sensible to believe in something for reasons involving veracity rather than tired tradition. Never be afraid to question a proposition simply because everyone else has already bought into the idea. Truth will always withstand scrutiny. 

It is a bit telling that a lot of what wasn't cool when I was growing up is now cool. For example, comic books, superheroes, hacking/programming, glasses, tube socks, etc.

Maybe a culture change is happening that is making all those nerdy things that tend to be associated with atheism cool and is making atheism cool, as well.

"Cool" is never 'considered', "cool" just IS.

Johnny Depp isn't considered cool, Johnny Depp just IS cool.

An Atheist and an Anti-theist are two different positions in regards to the Theist position but as I see it a person can be one or the other, or both at the same time. 

Either position could be 'cool' or not 'cool', as Johnny Depp demonstrates, a fan can dress like Johnny Depp but that won't make the fan 'cool'.

Only an idiot (and I use that word in a loving and kind manner) would pick a position on a subject or idea base on how he/she would be perceived in the eyes of others.

An Atheist is merely a person who is not a Theist nothing more.  Knowing a person is an Atheist tells us nothing about their world view other then they don't hold a Theistic world view.

An Anti-Theist is a person who holds the view that the Theistic world view is wrong.

I think it's much better for a person to discover and define their own world view then to look for a 'cool' label.

As far as label's go I just made up my own based on my own world view.

I tried on a Pork Pie Hat recently. After looking at myself in the mirror I turned and said to my wife, who had a smirk on her face, "I'm just not cool enough to wear this Pork Pie Hat"...

Cool? Maybe to each other. But damn if we are, as a group, more like 10 of us and a million of them... 

My kids are unbelievers simply because I never rammed any form of belief down their throats. Didn't tell them either way. Left it all up to them. They searched and found, through the internet and through their use of common sense, that it was all hooey. I think they think it's cool. I asked them not to ram it down anyone's throat. They're still out numbered.

Thanks for all the feedback.


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