The Bible clearly states that anyone that maintains belief in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit can be let into Heaven, even if the man has murdered, raped, cheated, and done any of the 10 "command-ments".

Now what happens to those that are Good generally by life but do not believe? Of course they are sent to Hell! So, if God lets murderers and rapist into heaven (which occurs all the time since people of Church's ALWAYS want to save these "lost" souls) and Hell is engulfed by people that have done no harm in their life but just didn't believe... Where would you like to go?

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Reporting here:There is so much discussion on this topic,but a very terse comment. All of mankind has been asked to repent and accept Christ. Of course,as it says in the Book this seems 'foolish' to man and it does.
All are considered imperfect,but some obtain forgivenss and others want nothing of it or the book or God either,etc. It is a free choice as it is presented.
This goes back to early man that fell. He was not meant to die,but went against God,etc.The earth was given to man to do as he pleased. He chose to live without God and it's effects are clearly seen in each generation. In each generation some choose to believe and ask for forgiveness and get converted which means their 'inner energy' person or soul is regenerated.the body,of course, is left untouched and this when we see misdeeds from all. Others do not believe.
At death the converted go to a place called heaven and those who do not accept go to hades. This is not based on works of good deeds,etc. It is acceptance of Christ as given in the NT.
"For God so loved man that He gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not be eternaly lost[in hades] ,but should have everlasting life."I know how it seems or looks. Reject and go for it or accept and go for it,but it is free or no cost,but many won't as it says for various reasons.

Death will prove this right or wrong for each person.
honestly if any spiritual place that you go to after death exists send me to hell for believing in what i feel is right and all the great atheist on think atheist do too :)
"Heaven for the weather, Hell for the company." - Mark Twain


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