According to the Bible, it's been calculated that "God" killed over 2 million people. How? He burned them, smote them, and plagued them. According to 2 Chr. 21: 14-19, God killed Jehoram by making his bowels fall out, and the 250 people burned to death for offering incense (Numbers 16:35). He killed Lot's wife for looking back, hung the 7 sons of Saul, the 15,000 people who complained in Numbers 16: 49. Let us not forget the 7 plagues he released upon Egypt, and the killing of the first born son of every house with lambs blood atop the door frame.


Stated in the Bible, the "Devil" was only calculated to kill 10 people, and that is in a bet against "God" in Job 1: 1-19 where Job's 7 sons and 3 daughters were killed in a test to show Job's faith.


Thus, after stating all this, if "God" existed, would he be the one to blame for putting the violent tyranny acts of war into man's mind? Could he be the one to blame for showing us that force will sometimes help you what you desire; as in "God's" case where it was disciplined followers.

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We go to war for resources; land, money, oil, mates, food, water...


God/Gods/Panthenons just act as the "morally justifiable" icing on the big death cake. A nation isn't going to support your war for materials gains. They'll be behind you 100000% if they feel it's the will of Sky Man, whatever He/She/Its reasons may be.

I like how you are thinking.

People who believe that they will end up in heaven would be way more willing to die than an atheist. The ones who believe they will end up in heaven with virgins all to themselves blow themselves up for it. It's easy to send people to fly planes into your enemies' buildings when they've been taught that it will earn them a great place in paradise.

The thing that would make it an endlessly amusing gigglefest if it didn't invlove the horrific deaths of so many millions, is that in many cases, BOTH warring parties are going to war in the name of the same invisable sky-daddy, conviced that said sky-daddy will support their side, over those other heathen barstards who are also praying to him.


Is it ethically wrong to want to roll on the ground pointing and laughing at the utter stupidity of this?

I mean we know that the religious will claim it to be morally wrong unless you are only pointing at the OTHER religious group while tearing up - but I'm not big on trusting the judgement of the religious in things that really matter.

This assumes the reality of 'god'.  And imbuing this fictional character with real powers seems like no more than an excercise in excusing bad behavior to me.


But of course if you are going to take the christian biblical hisory as hypothetically true - you cannot forget the number of people and animals (they too are living beings) he killed with that whole noah flood thing

The god vs satan bodycount argument is always amusing.


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