Do most people see Christmas as a religious or cultural holiday? I'm interested in a global perspective, but the research I was able to find is limited to my native country: the United States.

Half of Americans (51%) see Christmas as a religious holiday, while 32% say it is a cultural holiday. Others (9%) say it is both religious and cultural, or neither one. Some (7%) don't celebrate Christmas, and a few (1%) sometimes celebrate Christmas or declined to answer the question.

The younger the adult, the less likely they are to see Christmas as a religious holiday, with a majority of those under 30 seeing Christmas as a cultural holiday. This is consistent with other research indicating younger Americans are driving the growth of irreligion in the U.S.

(Source: Pew Research, 2013)

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 “If only practicing Christians can celebrate Christmas, then only Vikings can say Thursday.

Atheist comedian Mitch Benn.


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