Just read an article taking place in Nova Scotia, where a Christian was suspended for wearing a Jesus shirt, which really seems like the polar opposite of what goes on in the States. In the US he'd probably be suspended for wearing an atheism related shirt and praised for wearing the Christian one. What do you think about this?

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I think the problem lies more in the message.  

The shirt states "LIFE IS WASTED WITHOUT JESUS".  This statement can be offensive to people of other faiths, or those of no faith. Had the shirt just stated "JESUS ROCKS!", I don't think too many people would have cared.  

I agree, the message is an uncompromising and highly contentious statement that could cause a lot of offence to a lot of different people.

Sounds like the kid got in trouble for being obnoxious and disrespectful more than anything. It's good to see there's some policy in place for dealing with douchery.

Still, we should probably go ahead and annex Canada just in case.

Actually, annexing MEXICO may be the only way to deal with their cartels. Canada is a good neighbor, for the most part, and Mexico wants to be, I'm sure, but they are overwhelmed by the drug cartels who corrupt and bully every aspect of Mexico that might oppose them, from the government at all levels, to the police and army, and now increasingly judges and journalists. The latter is probably the saddest. As the saying goes, "In any war, the first victim is always the truth."


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