Just read an article taking place in Nova Scotia, where a Christian was suspended for wearing a Jesus shirt, which really seems like the polar opposite of what goes on in the States. In the US he'd probably be suspended for wearing an atheism related shirt and praised for wearing the Christian one. What do you think about this?

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Maybe the shirt was some kind of distraction, or like jesus was all bloody on the cross and the school was all like "nayh we can't have that its too graphic" and the student was like "freedom of speech and shit." Wait, do they have freedom of speech in canada?

Yes we do, we just don't have the freedom to wear stupid shirts.  :)

It seems to me (though I'm Scandinavian) that it was the correct response. Keep symbolic representations of religion, and non-religion, out of school. It's a reason it's called the formative years.

I think this guy has the right to display his beliefs however far from reality they are unless the school has rules about not displaying religious symbols but that was something he would have to know before attending that school. If you don't agree with atheist students in America being harassed for wearing atheist symbols like clothing then you shouldn't agree with this either. I would not be offended by his message,it says nothing about me or atheists in general but only displays his ignorance.

Your exactly right good sir

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Suspended? From what? Is he in grade school? the Canadian Navy? Is he on the faculty of a public college? Or did Canadian police see him walking down the street wearing the shirt, then hang (suspend) him from a streetlight post?

One of the comments below the article said that in relation to local papers there was more detail.. in that it wasn't so much about the shirt as much as it was about the kid himself. Seems while he wore the shirt he was going around an making fun of other people's religions and making a general nuisance of himself in respect pushing his beliefs unto others.  

Its easier to deal to make the shirt an issue, especially if there's currently no rules about bullying or proselytizing in the school. 

Then again it's also a matter of how they interpret their own rules. 

I think in the US the comparable case would be the "Bong Hits for Jesus" case. There, a high schooler was suspended for publicly displaying that sign (away from any school function if I recall correctly). The US Supreme Court upheld the suspension noting that although the government would have no business punishing an adult for that behavior, high school students can be subject to stricter rules of decorum.

By that analysis, the suspension of the Canadian student is probably okay. He was disciplined after being told repeatedly that wearing a shirt saying "Life is Wasted Without Jesus" is offensive to some people (like, say, wearing a "Bong Hits for Jesus" shirt). The principal had told him that if he had worn a shirt saying "My Life is Wasted Without Jesus," that would've been fine.

I'm don't have a strong opinion about whether this kid really should've been suspended. I'm just giving a quickie legal analysis.

John... Yes, he lived across the street from the school and was in his own yard.


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