Yes that's right. For all of you naysayers behold:

You can get pregnant without a male sperm. If sharks can do it so can we! Hahahaha!

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As Ian Malcolm says in Jurassic Park: "Life finds a way".

I'm pretty sure there's a type of lizard that does this to... even to the point that there are now no males left of that species.

Anyway, yes, it is possible, BUT it reduces genetic diversity in offspring, thereby reducing the viability of the species in the long run.

The reading I've done agrees with you, matt. It reduces genetic diversity AND resistance to attacks by organisms that lunch on new-borns.

This proves that the baby shark is the real savior and son of god.

Exactly, as are parthenogenetically conceived turkeys, etc.

So, we do not know if the mom, Mary Shark was actually a virgin, etc...but, yes, for some species, some have either the innate ability, or a mutation, to self fertilize.

This is possible as the X and Y chromosomes are vastly different, and, as ALL females are XX and all males are XY, with either able to add to that with extra's from time to time...Such as XYY, etc...using an XX combination is typically survivable for about half the human population.

For critters that benefited from NOT changing much, such as sharks and earthworms, etc...a lack of genetic diversity is not a big handicap, and, can confer an evolutionary advantage.

In the bible, we see that god has a preference for inbreeding, starting with two of a species, or up to 7, in Genesis 2.0/post flood, etc....depending upon if the animal is kosher or not, or needs to be burned or not, so the aroma if its burning flesh can please god.

And so forth.


Maybe Mary rubbed uglies with a woman whose fertilized egg happened to fall out? Kindof like a rare, static electricity anomaly.


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