Take a hypothetical country which has a less prosperous country at its border. Many people from the less prosperous country cross the border looking for work and/or to commit crimes (among those crimes, crossing the border illegally).

If it was your country, how would you handle it?

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Well, but those are things the poor country needs to do, but they lack the resources. The richer country lacks jurisdiction.

Forget hypothetical

Clinton signs NAFTA, we then flood subsidize corn into Mexico which was their largest cash crop and bankrupt farmers. We then allow illegals into the country during the Bush years at record numbers and very low deportation numbers. End results you can keep wages down.

Now the number of illegals coming across the boarder is net zero. We have been deporting illegals at record numbers for the last three years. The average Mexican family is having 2 children.

The US has about 5% of the worlds population but has 25% of the total prison population . The drug laws in the US account for more than half of the prison population.Got to love corporate prisons, incarceration for profit.

Welcome to the US where the three branches of government can be purchased.

But illegal immigration is our problem.

Makes you wonder who sponsors "Unseen" - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer?

Because I started a thread so we could discuss it?

Economically it would make more sense to legalize drugs. I am not sure what the social ramifications would be though. But eliminating marijuana, cocaine, and heroine as products for the Mexican cartels to peddle on Americans would be an interesting step. Don't see that happening anytime soon. 

I couldn't have said it better --

A wonderful sentiment indeed. But it comes with a price- the requirement to LEGALLY immigrate. Millions of immigrants have become naturalized citizens and proud Americans. But they took the necessary steps to do it legally. We don't need double standards; we need real enforcement of existing immigration laws.

I'm betting the Native Americans wish they'd had such laws in place --

Unfortunately, tribes do not a country make.

Legal citizenship. more trade. protection of the boarders. the solution must be systematic. dealing with groups of people and  stoping them from acting in their best intrest is problematic  I.E. denying them entry into a nation that is more prosperous. laws will not stop migrants obviously. so deal with both illegal and legal migrants according to the way your nation can benefit from the situation. right?  

what would you do ? 

I'm not sure I have the solution, but we already have a way for people to become naturalized citizens. Perhaps we need a guest worker program for people who don't really want to be citizens but just want work in order to keep people from doing an end run around the citizenship procedure. I imagine most citizens of a poorer who cross the border would really prefer to remain citizens of their country of origin as it is their homeland and it is where their family roots are.

The obvious solution is to bring the economies of the two countries closer to parity. However, if the poorer country lacks the resources to address the problem and its administrative infrastructure (police, judiciary, politicians, local administrators) are corrupt, it's a hopeless job without drastic action on the part of the more prosperous country.


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